How does it work?

Elastic domain worker nodes

Vantage Elastic Domain uses its powerful orchestration features and intelligent automation to execute and scale based on the current state of the domain, managing the Vantage database and controlling worker nodes.

  • Vantage Orchestration:
    Vantage domains use a centralized database that contains all workflow designs—and all aspects of their configuration. Worker nodes then connect to this database and dynamically orchestrate job execution based on the state of the overall domain. Our best-in-breed workflow engine and load balancing intelligently make every decision at runtime to ensure best utilization of available resources.
  • Vantage Worker Nodes:
    Vantage workers are deployed as x86-based VM images, that can be deployed from a single master image. Upon startup, new workers are automatically assigned tasks and increase throughput. Vantage domain scaling is achieved simply by deploying additional copies of the worker image. The only configuration needed for worker images is setting the location of the Vantage database—all other configuration is centralized.

Elastic Domain licensing

elastic domain daily licenses

Vantage Elastic Domain offers flexible licensing options that intelligently support scaling system size up and down. You can mix and match perpetual licenses with a "Daily Bursting" model, allowing your Vantage system to expand during peak demand, while retaining a predictable base cost of perpetual licenses for standard operational levels. A cost-effective rental fee is charged daily for additional nodes not covered by the perpetual license.

  • Vantage licensing is managed centrally
  • Individual licenses don't need to be managed for worker nodes
  • Additional nodes can be “spun up” (added to the Domain) on-demand
  • Other flexible licensing options will be available in the future; contact Telestream for information

Platform support

Vantage Elastic domain is designed to flexibly support your organization’s infrastructure of choice. Vantage Elastic Domains can be deployed on:
  • Unmanaged VM hosts
  • Private data centers using managed virtualization
  • Public cloud IAAS
  • A hybrid environment, utilizing VPN tunneling
  • GPU acceleration is available on qualified GPU models in virtualization environments


Please contact your Telestream Representative.