Vantage Social automated social media video posting
social media video automation production team

For the production team

You are on a tight schedule and don’t have time and resources for social media video marketing. Vantage Social works within the video production process to automatically deliver branded, packaged video, graphics, metadata, captions, and other production elements to the social media team.

social media video marketing team

For the marketing team

If you’re in Marketing, you know it’s critical to turn audience engagement into leads. Social media communication happens in real-time and you need the content NOW for all of your social publishing channels. Vantage Social automatically packages and delivers video assets directly to your social media management system and also publishes directly to social media platforms.


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Bridging the Gap Between Production and Social Media Teams

interview with Jonny Greenwald


Video interview with Jonny Greenwald from TYT Network

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Easy and Fast Video Publishing to Social Media


Vantage Social features

Bridge the Gap

Vantage Social bridges the gap so video flows freely from production systems into social media management platforms. Social media ready clips are delivered to the social media team in greater volume and in less time to keep the conversation alive.

Vantage Social package


A purpose built, user friendly packaging tool for social media publishers automates video editing, branding and packaging. Social media publishers rapidly publish the most relevant video segments into targeted, branded content packages with social media messaging for clear, purposeful and targeted communications that keep audience members engaged.

Vantage Social publish


Vantage Social supports any social video publishing strategy by publishing directly to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Vimeo, to cloud based social media management platforms, on-line video platforms and asset management systems.

Product Configurations

Social Media Connector

The Social Media Connector publishes video and metadata to specific user accounts on social media platforms and management systems. This connection can be used within Vantage workflows to simultaneously deliver promotional video and messaging to one or many social media audiences.

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Vantage Social

Vantage Social bridges the gap between production and marketing so video can freely flow from production systems into social media platforms for social marketing purposes. Vantage Social includes the Social Media Connector and the tools needed to process video for social media publishing.

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Pro Packager

Pro Packager adds the ability to sub-clip video segments and select branding options. The pro packager assembles a fully branded clip with your messaging, brand and graphics – easily does 10 minutes of editing and assembly in seconds.

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