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"For us moving from FlipFactory to the Vantage platform was a big success.
And with the investment in Lightspeed Servers we gained even more speed." – NRK* "Vantage has significantly streamlined our file-based workflow and made it much faster and more efficient." – University of Notre Dame* "The GPU-accelerated Lightspeed Server ensured that processes kept up with the rigorous live environment" – NBC Olympics* "With Vantage we can operate faster and more efficiently with greater flexibility and perfect results" – Magenta TV* "The workflow profiles allowed us the flexibility to configure process intelligence with each step." – NBC Olympics* "You can build workflows without having to code." – ITV* "With Vantage you haven't just purchased another encoding system. You've purchased a central workflow tool for your facility" – Turner Studios* "75% of everything we do is now either controlled by Vantage or encoded by Vantage" – Turner Studios* "Vantage is a workhorse" – Knowledge Network

FlipFactory users, especially those with current maintenance & support, have access to significant savings when upgrading to Vantage. Contact your regional sales manager or reseller – or email for more information.

Note: read about the benefits of Vantage TrafficManager over FlipFactory TrafficManager.

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