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Wirecast 4 FAQs


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Wirecast Features

Features Telestream
Wirecast 4
Wirecast Pro 4
Distribution Supported All All
Where to get support
Support for multiple cameras (DV/HDV*,SDI) and inputs (USB, Firewire, SDI, HDMI) No limit No limit
Unlimited number of input devices Yes Yes
Add additional media: audio, video, graphics Yes Yes
Broadcast your computer desktop using built-in Wirecast Desktop Presenter
New! Now includes audio support
Yes Yes
Improved integration for Blackmagic capture cards (Intensity Pro, Decklink SDI, Decklink Duo, Decklink Studio, Decklink HD Extreme 3D and Intensity Shuttle) Yes Yes
New! Improved integration for Viewcast Osprey capture cards (240e, 450e & 700e) (Windows version only) Yes Yes
New! Integration with Matrox Multi-Ingest capture card (Mac version only) Yes Yes
New! Integration with LiveU video-over-cellular transmission backpack Yes Yes
New! Integration with Teradek Cube allowing users to submit camera feeds directly over your local network to Wirecast No Yes
Support for Telestream Pipeline™ network capture device No Yes
Support for selected wireless IP cameras (AXIS 211 W, Sony SNC-RZ50, and Cisco WVC80N, New! AXIS P1344 and New! AXIS M1104) No Yes
Production tools
User definable multiple layers; up to 35 layers of live compositing Yes Yes
Support for a variety of configurable transitions Yes Yes
More than 30 built-in titles (lower thirds) Yes Yes
Chroma key Yes Yes
Scoreboards No Yes
3D virtual sets No Yes
Advanced audio controls No Yes
Video Formats (ouput)
Windows Media (WMV) Yes
(Windows only)
(Windows only)
Flash 8 On2 (VP6) Yes Yes
Flash 9 with Apple H.264 No No
Flash 9 with Main Concept H.264 Yes Yes
QuickTime Yes Yes
HDV in Optional Yes
Audio Formats (output)
Audio formats supported All supported formats All supported formats
QT, Flash, Windows Media streaming servers Yes
(Windows Media Streaming Server
is Windows only)
Streaming services: Ustream,, Livestream,,, Brightcove, Akamai, Limelight, BitGravity, Wowza and more… Yes Yes
Record to disk Yes Yes
Broadcast to external monitor Yes Yes
User Interface
User interface layout Standard
Wirecast 4
Wirecast 4
Shot Inspector Yes Yes
Source Inspector Yes Yes
Audio Inspector No Yes
Destination Editor Yes Yes
Monitor Area Program/Preview Program/Preview
*HDV input support is an optional add-on for Wirecast, and included in Wirecast Pro

Wirecast 4 Workflows

1HDV support is optional in Wirecast, included in Wirecast Pro.
2Teradek Cube and Telestream Pipeline support is included in Wirecast Pro only.

Download Wirecast 4 Workflows (PDF version)


Multiple video input devices
Wirecast supports an unlimited number of camera inputs, ranging from selected wireless IP cameras, to USB and firewire cameras, to HD cameras. Wirecast supports capture cards from Blackmagic, Matrox and Viewcast, as well as Telestream Pipeline capture device.

Video production features

Multiple user-definable layers: Controlling your broadcast in real-time is easy. With Wirecast's multiple layer support you get up to 35 layers of live compositing. It's simple to place a background music track or a company logo over your webcast, while changing between the cameras you want your viewers to see.

Chroma key: A high quality GPU accelerated real-time green screen solution.

Built-in Desktop Presenter: Allows you to broadcast the desktop of another computer during your webcasts. Perfect for PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, training webcasts and product demonstrations. Now with audio support, which enables you to broadcast live interviews using Skype or other chat client.

Amazing 3D graphics: Generate amazing transitions and effects in real-time, including cross-fade, 3D cube, swinging doors, sliding etc.

Incredible titles: More than 30 built-in professional broadcast quality title themes. Pick your favorite, enter your text and you're done.

3D virtual sets: Create a virtual TV studio environment.

Scoreboards: Use the built-in scoreboard templates for live action sports applications.

Live encoding format support
Quick Time, On2 (VP6) and Main Concept H.264, Windows Media

Streaming protocol support
RTMP, RTSP, MMS (Windows)

Broadcast flexibility
When it comes to broadcast, Wirecast offers easy setup for your streaming services with industry leaders Limelight Networks, Livestream, Ustream,, Akamai, , Wowza, and many more, allowing anyone with a computer and internet connection to easily and affordably reach out to audiences anywhere in the world. Simultaneously stream to different services or in different bitrates.

The omnipresent Flash H.264 (RTMP) is natively supported by Wirecast on all platforms. Wirecast supports Flash Media Servers and Wowza Media Servers. Through Wowza streaming server, you can stream directly to your iPhone.

With QuickTime Streaming Server (QTSS), supported by Wirecast on all platforms, you can unicast or multicast to your clients. Your viewers can then watch your webcast through QuickTime Player or embedded directly into a webpage.

Wirecast for Windows also supports streaming with Windows Media Server (MMS). Viewers will connect either through Windows Media Player or directly inside a webpage.

Save your production to disk simultaneously as you are live broadcasting your event, for future archiving or on-demand distribution.

Languages supported
English, Brazilian Portugese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish