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Harvard University uses Wirecast to live stream their sports
Imry Halevi, Director of Multimedia and Production at Harvard University’s Department of Athletics, describes how Wirecast gives them flexibility for a variety of live streaming productions – from a one camera stream on a boat, to a multi-camera ESPN3-level telecast.
Wayfarers Chapel uses Wirecast to live stream their ceremonies
“This software has become so powerful and diverse that we now use it for all but our largest of productions.”
Live News

France Télévisions uses Wirecast to stream live regional elections coverage

"Wirecast’s video production capabilities as well as its exceptional performance in demanding real-world conditions led us to choose it as our exclusive live streaming production platform."
Church Services

Wayfarers Chapel uses Wirecast to live stream their ceremonies

"The current system, with Wirecast at the heart, allows us to provide couples many options that include a quality finished product upon departure from the grounds."

Learn how Polar Bears International streams live video from the tundra with Wirecast

Wirecast is a simple yet effective tool that allows us to mimic everything a large
television studio would do, but from our remote location."

Munzing Media uses Wirecast to stream high school sports on Maine Today Media websites

"When viewers tell us our webcasts are on par with TV games they’ve seen, we’re very proud of that."
Church Services

Learn how Shiloh Ministries broadcasts the Word with Wirecast live streaming software

"While Wirecast Pro gives us a sophisticated, full-featured video production set-up, the workflow is still practical, affordable and easy to use."
Live Events

Learn how Category 5 relies on Wirecast Pro for its live technology webcast

"Wirecast Pro has helped us create a polished, professional broadcast using affordable consumer hardware, which has attracted new viewers to our show."
Tom Prehn discusses the history of streaming and the benefits of Wirecast streaming software by Telestream. 3/17/15
The live streaming tool takes a big step forward with the ability to create instant replays, automate broadcasts with playlists, and much more. – Streaming Media, November 2014
"With Wirecast, Telestream has significantly improved usability with a redesigned interface, beneficially expanded the product’s input capabilities, and upgraded the product’s plumbing with features like x.264 encoding and HD-SDI output via Blackmagic Design Intensity or DeckLink cards. All told, these improvements make the upgrade price a no-brainer decision."
– Streaming Media Producer, January 2014
Wirecast is an efficient tool designed to enable professional-looking live-streaming events Wirecast earns the 5 Star Editor's Pick Award from
Software Informer.

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KABCOM: captured and streamed the entire 2013 competitive fencing season leveraging the Matrox VS4 and Telestream Wirecast
The Lacrosse Network: "Despite our tight budgets and lean staff, Wirecast enables us to meet our goal of aggregating and delivering top-notch lacrosse programming to our growing global audience."
Ellegy streams live web coverage of the International GT Open with Telestream and Matrox.
Extreme Sailing Series: "We explored several other live streaming alternatives. However, we kept coming back to Wirecast, as it offered a very high production value at a competitive price."
Harvard University Athletics put together a high definition, three camera production system for $3,500 to stream productions for their 42 division 1 varsity teams.
Mount Royal Curling Club leverages the Telestream Wirecast Pro and Matrox VS4 to deliver a live-switched feed of the 2013 Canadian Mixed Curling Championship.


Mediakinetic uses Wirecast to help Activision launch Call of Duty: Black Ops. "Reliability above all other aspects was the main reason we chose Wirecast to produce the live webcast."

Church Services

Phillips Street Church of Christ: "We've discovered that operators only require one service, which lasts no more than a couple of hours, to become proficient. In fact, my 12-year-old son runs the equipment like a pro!."
Van Buren First Assembly of God uses Wirecast to stream services to web audiences, enabling cost-effective, outreach to members at remote sites for live and on-demand viewing.


Heather Krieger, Heim Middle School: "...this program is awesome! I was rather intimidated at first, but it is very user-friendly and will serve as a perfect platform for our school video announcements! Thanks!"
Deep Earth Academy takes Wirecast to the bottom of the sea for Educational webcasts
Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth University uses Wirecast to enhance the video recordings for weekly presentations. They like its ability to record multiple video inputs, synchronize slides, stream live video to the web and its ease of use.

Live Events

Oregon Children's Choral Festival: "Wirecast makes it easy for a single operator to run the whole show — including camera switching, audio and graphics – using off-the-shelf consumer hardware."
GoHarrison: "Wirecast took us from local to global. This little piece of software delivers absolutely everything in the most perfect way. I can't wait to find out what the future is going to look like as they take this thing an unimaginable next step later." "Wirecast is a wonderful solution for any organization or entity that wants to share the experience and impact of their live event with a global audience."
321 Cadence: "We evaluated several products and selected Telestream Wirecast for its reliable, multi-format live streaming, ease of use, and excellent support. Upon installation, everything worked flawlessly. This is definitely the way to go for live webcasting." expanded its business to include live webcasting services using Telestream Wirecast. "Wirecast makes it a snap to switch between multiple live cameras and other sources … offering production values comparable to television broadcast."
The B-Cast: "With Wirecast, I don’t need a TV tower or contract with a cable company. It allows me to easily be on-air with worldwide audiences."
The DV Show chooses Wirecast over other live streaming solutions. "We tried and tested every software product available to stream our video podcast live over the web and Wirecast is the clear winner. We can confidently bring broadcast quality content to our demanding audience of video professionals."
Harvey Mudd College used Wirecast 4.1 installed on a PC laptop to stream its 2011 commencement – for live and on-demand Web viewing by graduates' families and friends.
Mobeon used Wirecast Pro and Matrox VS4 to stream the 2012 World Latin Dance Cup Finals. "This price-point is a real game changer. It puts the ability to stream very high-quality, HD multicamera shows within reach of many who previously couldn't afford to do it." – Mark Alamares, CEO, Mobeon Brass Camp Streams Live with Wirecast. "Wirecast provided a professional-level broadcast at an affordable price." – Jeff Purtle, Founder, PBC

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"We have found Telestream’s Wirecast Pro 5 unique in its ability to allow switching of live web stream sources, as well as converting live streams to ProRes format in real time. With its many built-in features, Wirecast Pro 5 has certainly proven to us to be the Swiss Army knife of live streaming production." – Video Edge Magazine, 4/2014
"We tried and tested every software product available to stream our video podcast live over the web and Wirecast is the clear winner."
– Brian Alves, the DV Show
"Running Telestream Wirecast with the Matrox VS4, a powerful, well-integrated capture card, handling most of the input/encoding/previewing load, yields impressive results that catapults Wirecast into the TriCaster/Livestream Studio class of product when it comes to responsiveness." 
– Jan Ozer, Streaming Media Producer, March 2013
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