Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner

AWS and Telestream have partnered to provide world-class cloud-based and hybrid cloud content management solutions.

AWS – Telestream Partnership Benefits

One of the biggest trends for media organizations is the adoption of cloud storage. The partnership between Telestream and AWS helps customers navigate this trend and reap the benefits that come with it.

Telestream and AWS provide a solution that is transparent to the end users where they do not need to experience any interruptions in their daily work as content is moved from location-to-location including into the cloud.

Combining the capabilities of AWS and Telestream content management enables customers to have more robust, secure, and searchable content storage at a lower cost than traditional systems like on-premises shared storage.

AWS provides the benefits of the flexibility, power, and cost reduction of cloud storage. Telestream content management provides customers the ability to maintain seamless access to editing, PAM, MAM, and automation systems while being able to use the same workflows they’ve been operating for many years.

Telestream content management has been optimized to run in the AWS environment and to integrate with other AWS tools, which eases the installation and integration with AWS.

"Telestream’s industry-leading content management solutions are deployed by the most demanding media organizations in the world. AWS brings market-leading capabilities that enable customers to embrace the scale, agility and efficiency of the cloud across their media supply chains. Together, our partnership allows customers to achieve high levels of ongoing efficiency while accelerating the transformation of their media storage solutions."
– Jon Wilson, Chief Operating Officer, Telestream

Telestream Content Management Benefits

Provide a central point of access

Users do not need to know where content resides including where it’s located on AWS.

Improve search

Content management from Telestream handles retrieval based on search across all storage locations including on AWS. Indexed metadata can include not only file names but also advanced metadata that can be enriched by AI/ML services for better searchability.

Inventory media

Telestream content management allows customers to deal with a storage ecosystem that has several different types of storage from many different suppliers. No direct integration with storage systems is required.

Manage storage policies

Distributes content based on storage policies to reduce costs, ensure availability, provide redundancy, and keep assets secure.

Replicate content for disaster recovery

Prevents content loss by replicating onto tiered storage including AWS.

Migrate content as requirements evolve

Since various storage systems may have differing format requirements, Telestream content management is able to create proxies, rewrap content, and perform quality checks when moving from one storage system to another (e.g., migrate to the cloud on AWS).

Reduce cost

Intelligent tiering optimizes cost by enabling media to be stored on the content storage system aligned to how frequently it needs to be accessed. Longer term archival requirements can be fulfilled on less costly storage systems without users even knowing.

Case Study

ITV Daytime migrates its post production and media archive workflows to the cloud with Telestream.

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AWS – Telestream Implementation Overview

Telestream content management hosted in AWS, controlling both S3 storage and on-premise storage, provides a single point of access for media asset management, automation systems, and end users.

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