A complete HD closed captioning and subtitling solution. No additional captioning hardware required. No generation loss.

CaptionMaker enables many different kinds of closed captioning workflows for Adobe Premiere Pro versions CS 5.5 or later.

See our captioning comparison chart to find the configuration that’s right for you.

Closed Caption HD Tape via HD-SDI

CaptionMaker can create an original .MCC file format for high definition closed captioning with Premiere Pro versions CS 5.5 or later. Simply author your closed captions (or convert a cap file from another captions source), attach the .MCC file to your Premiere Pro sequence, and output to HD Tape with true CEA-708 and CEA-608 closed captions. Then, output via your AJA Kona, Blackmagic Decklink, Matrox MXO2 series, or MOTU video device. Telestream's unique software encoding technology means no special encoding hardware is required. You can even monitor the HD closed captions inside the Premiere Pro Program Monitor.

File-based Closed Captioning Workflows

CaptionMaker can embed closed captions directly into many kinds of video files for digital delivery:

  • QuickTime:
    • Line 21 onto any QuickTime video
    • QuickTime 608 SD Closed Captions
    • QuickTime DTV 608/708 HD Closed Captions
  • MPEG-2 Elementary, Program, and Transport Streams
  • MXF Files for XDCAM, Omneon and SeaChange servers
  • DVCPRO HD QuickTime files for Omneon servers and more
  • Common closed caption formatted files such as Cheetah CAP, SCC, MCC, etc.


CaptionMaker can create alpha channel subtitle videos to overlay burned-in subtitles for any NLE system.

Closed Caption SD Tape via SDI and Analog

CaptionMaker can create an SD closed captions file for Premiere Pro versions CS 5.5 or later for tape output using your AJA, Blackmagic, Matrox, or MOTU hardware. You can even monitor the closed captions inside the Premiere Pro Program Monitor. You can also create a line 21 overlay video ("black movie") for any NLE including earlier versions of Premiere, Avid, FCP, Edius, Vegas, etc.

Closed Caption DV Tape via Firewire

CaptionMaker can encode closed captions directly into DV QuickTime files. You can then print to DV (miniDV, DVCAM, DVCPRO) tape via Firewire using any version of Premiere Pro.

Closed Captioning for Web and Mobile Devices

CaptionMaker can add closed captions to many web video formats: QuickTime (including for iPod/iPhone/iPad/etc.), iTunes, YouTube, Windows Media.

Closed Captioning & Subtitling for DVD and Blu-ray

CaptionMaker can add closed captions and subtitles to DVD, and subtitles for Blu-ray, for Adobe Encore and most professional authoring programs.