See our captioning comparison chart to find the configuration that’s right for you.

The power to import, create or convert subtitles

CaptionMaker allows you to import subtitles you already have, create them from scratch, or even convert closed captions to subtitles. Once you have them ready to export, there are a variety of workflows available to get the subtitles on the video.

Creating Subtitles for DVD and Blu-ray

Our captioning software imports, edits and exports file formats that will import into all major DVD or Blu-ray authoring software.

Creating subtitles for all other formats

The simplest option for creating subtitles is to create a movie with just the subtitles that you can lay on top of your video in a non-linear editor. To do this you must export your subtitles with an alpha channel that uses the Animation codec with the Colors set to "Millions+". When you combine the subtitles with your original video in an NLE, you will be able to export with burned-in subtitles to whatever final format you need.