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Wirecast, ScreenFlow and Switch

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Wirecast, ScreenFlow and Switch

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Wirecast, ScreenFlow and Switch

Sales FAQs

Wirecast Subscription Help

  • My support expired on my perpetual (lifetime) Wirecast license, how can I renew?
    Unfortunately, we are no longer selling support renewals (Insider Access ($119)/Premium Support ($299)) for perpetual/lifetime licenses.
    Your options are to:
  1. Stay on your last supported version and no longer receive Wirecast updates or access to the Support Team. See previous downloads
  2. To get updates (16.0), purchase a new Subscription to regain access to all our updates and to email support with our Wirecast experts. For more information about Wirecast Subscriptions, please check out our Wirecast Subscription FAQs page
  3. Use our self-help resources:
    NEW! Wirecast Virtual Assistant
    Demos & Tutorials
    Knowledge Base
    Ask the community via the Facebook Public User Groups (Non-Telestream moderated)

Licensing Questions

  • Can I activate my license on Mac and Windows?
    Wirecast and Switch are cross platform licenses. You can activate your license on both Mac and Windows. ScreenFlow is Mac only.
  • I lost my license, how can I find it?
    If you purchased online, please complete the form below noting the email address you used when you purchased the software. If you purchased through a reseller, you will need to contact the reseller to recover your license.
    You can also create a login on our new Customer Portal to get access to your Asset/purchase history and download a copy of your license.


  • What is your refund policy?
    At Telestream, we strive for your complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with any Desktop Software Application* you purchased from our online store, we are happy to offer a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase.
    Please click here to request a refund.
    *Does not include Wirecast Gear, Wirecast Subscriptions or Stock Media Library.
  • I lost my license, how can I find it?
    If you purchased online, please complete the form below noting the email address you used when you purchased the software. If you purchased through a reseller, you will need to contact the reseller to recover your license.

Hardware Compatibility


  • What cameras and capture cards are supported?
    Click here to see the list of cameras and capture cards that Wirecast supports.
  • My camera or capture card is not on the list. What can I do?
    Due to the number of operating systems, hardware manufactures, and driver versions it is impossible to qualify all Camera’s and capture devices. If you don’t see your camera listed on our website you have we offer two recommendations.
    • Test your camera, in most cases, if the operating system recognizes the card/camera and other applications (such as QuickTime, or windows media player) can see the device video and audio, it is likely to work within Wirecast.
    • Go to our Wirecast Forum and ask other users if they use the camera that you own or wish to purchase.
  • Do you have some examples of how people setup or use the software?
    Sure! Whether you are totally new to live streaming or you have a lot of experience with video and field production equipment, you will find something to help you in our Wirecast Example Setups.
  • What are the differences between Wirecast Studio and Wirecast Pro?
    Wirecast Pro adds Built-in Score boards, Pro Audio FX (including VST3 Effect Plugin Support), Built-in PTZ Controller for Robotic Cameras (VISCA over IP, NDI), Instant Replay, Virtual sets and backgrounds, and added input sources such as Teradek Cube, IP Cameras, and Web streams (RTMP, RTMPS, RTMP(e), RTSP, HTTP, and MMS).
    Click here to view the Wirecast comparison chart.
  • How does Wirecast work?
    Please click here to view all Wirecast Frequently Asked Questions.
    For more information on Wirecast, please visit our resources page.


  • How do I designate a recording area?
    Although many screen capture programs function by designating a recording area, ScreenFlow does not. ScreenFlow captures the entire screen and all of its contents. This enables you to make use of the entire screen during the editing process in post-production.
    When using a program which designates a recording space, you may unexpectedly move outside of this space due to a menu option or pop-up. If your recording space is preset, there is no way to recover this lost information. With ScreenFlow's reliance on post-production editing, you can move outside your area of focus when necessary.
    If you are recording a small video area and you are concerned that a full screen recording will take up unnecessary disk space, ScreenFlow's adaptive recording method captures minimal information on parts of the screen where there is no action, so this has very little effect on file size.
  • What are the differences between buying on the website versus the Mac App Store?
    Features: Because of Apple's Sandboxing restrictions, there are a few features that are we cannot make available in the Mac App Store version of ScreenFlow.
    • Dynamic Update of linked media
    • Export to Windows Media format
    Pricing of Upgrades: Currently, paid upgrades are not possible on the Mac App Store, so we cannot provide the same upgrade pricing to Mac App Store customers that we provide to those who purchase on the Telestream web store. The upgrade price to ScreenFlow 4 for customers is $29. Mac App Store customers have the option of transferring their license to a Telestream license to get that upgrade pricing, or paying full price for ScreenFlow 4 on the Mac App Store.
    Pricing: On our website, the price of ScreenFlow is USD $99. Our web store has a process that converts that USD price to local currencies daily. On the Mac App Store, we choose "Pricing Tier" 60 for our application, which is $99.99 USD. The App Store then converts that to local currency also.
    Releases: If you buy from our website, you will often get software updates sooner. We have more control of releases on our website. When we have a new release/software update, we will generally upload it to our website immediately, and also upload it to the Mac App Store. However, the App store has an approval process that is out of our control. We have found that it takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for our app to be approved once uploaded.
    Software bundles: We have more flexibility on our website, and may sometimes offer bundles for a discount. The app store does not give us the flexibility of doing that.
  • How does ScreenFlow work?
    Please click here to view all ScreenFlow Frequently Asked Questions.
    For more information on ScreenFlow, please visit our resources page.

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Free Trial Downloads

ScreenFlow video editing and screen recording

Free trial limitations: Enjoy your fully functional free trial of ScreenFlow. There is no time limit, but your exported movies will be watermarked.

Switch multiformat video player with inspection and correction

Free demo limitations: The Switch Free Demo (unlicensed version) includes all features of Switch Pro but also watermarks all of these features. In addition, the timeline will be partially covered, external preview will periodically go black, audio and loudness meters will periodically disappear, and exports will be limited to thirty seconds. Windows Media Files cannot be opened in the trial due to royalties, but are supported in the licensed version.