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Vantage Cloud Port

Power of Vantage. Simplicity of SaaS. Hybrid deployment.
  • Built upon the industry standard, Vantage
  • Workflows automatically follow the media
  • Simple, deterministic pricing
iQ ABR monitoring

iQ ABR Monitoring

Examine video quality at the core, edge, or access region of ABR networks
  • All new easy to use UI makes monitoring accessible to more people
  • View video distribution status quickly and drill down into desired issues
  • Isolate and fix problems at a glance, even within a complex network infrastructure


Channel as a Service
  • Instant channel creation framework
  • Integrated monitoring throughout
  • Multi-cloud support
  • Pay-as-you-go business model

Lightspeed Live Capture

Multichannel video capture & processing
  • Scalable, multi-channel on-premise capture solution for ingesting live, live linear or tape-based media
  • Easy to use web controls and wide codec and container format support
  • Supports Aspera FASPStream for Edit@Home workflows
  • Responds to SCTE triggers with pre-defined rules

Lightspeed Live Stream

Multiscreen encoding, packaging & deployment
  • Enterprise-class multiscreen streaming with ingest, encode, package and deployment in one system
  • Deploy multiple sources to multiple destinations
  • Superior, scalable, real-time adaptive bit rate encoding for SD, HD and UHD HDR sources into AVC and HEVC

Wirecast & Wirecast Gear

Live video streaming production
  • Multiformat HD live encoding
  • Powerful switching and compositing
  • Record to disk and stream live concurrently
Post Producer

Vantage Multiscreen

GPU-accelerated multiscreen transcoding
  • Higher quality, lower bit rates with x264
  • Accelerated video processing with GPU acceleration
  • Deliver ABR packages to on-site or CDN-resident origin servers
  • Provide real-time visibility and hands-free publishing
Post Producer

Telestream Cloud

High-quality video encoding in the Cloud
  • Pay as you go subscriptions with no upfront expenses
  • Cloud driven quick scaling during peak demand times
  • Fast and flexible with multiple encoding regions and multiple storage options
MacCaption & CaptionMaker

MacCaption | CaptionMaker

Award-winning closed captioning and subtitling applications
  • Intuitive software for open subtitling and closed captioning workflows
  • Ensures FCC & ADA compliance for US distribution
  • Captioning for TV, web, and mobile
  • Support for hundreds of languages

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