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Telestream equips the world’s leading media companies and video service providers with the critical insights they need to understand and maintain viewer engagement across any device, network or location. No matter how you produce and deliver content, Telestream provides products and solutions that deliver the actionable intelligence you need into the performance of your video.

Content Owners

You work hard to create the best video content with the highest quality possible whether they’re live events, on demand, or a mix. Every image, every frame is important for your viewer’s experience. Many of your viewers play these videos over the top (OTT) of a broadband internet connection. They watch your content on smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, smart TVs, and more. You want to be sure that your viewers are seeing your content with the highest quality you intended, and that the companies you are paying to store, prepare, deliver, and play your content are consistently providing the service you expect. When the quality of your content is not up to par, you want to quickly know.

OTT Streaming Services

Content owners face significant challenges as consumers' expectations for the quality, reliability and speed of online media continue to grow. To help them meet these demands, OVSPs and CDN providers must make sure the owner’s video is packaged and delivered to the viewers, wherever they are and with the highest quality possible. Your network and its underlying equipment and services must operate flawlessly to provide consistent, high-quality content.

Service Providers

Your opportunities continue to expand, as do your challenges. On the content side, your business relies on content licensing, redistribution, skinny bundling, and increasingly on original content production. At the same time, the number of ways your viewers can watch your content is multiplying and that is directly affecting viewer tastes. To make the right decisions for your business and control operational expenditure, you need current, hard data. You need to understand where your content is most effective and where it’s not. You need to know the difference between subscriber loss due to quality issues or a lack of appealing content. And you need the intelligence to know what to do about it - right now.


Your enterprise is discovering new uses for video every day. Training, internal updates, product demonstrations, how-to’s, all-hands meetings, investor messages, you name it. But your network is struggling to keep up with all of this new video, and your employees are getting frustrated because the video experience they require for their job is unreliable. The IT team is trying to improve things, but video problems are notoriously difficult to track down, and simply throwing more network capacity at it is not an option. If only you had the detailed information needed to determine where the video bottlenecks are, and where to make the minimal investment required to keep up...