A superior Brand is defined in terms of the quality of the content delivered whether it be streamed or broadcast.

Sentry is a software-based quality monitoring solution deployed worldwide by Cable, Broadcast, and OTT Streaming service providers in a range of operational, engineering, and business environments. Years of experience has honed the technology to deliver accurate, repeatable, and reliable measurements to instill confidence that the viewer is experiencing only the highest level of quality.

New and unique to Telestream, the non-reference PVQ measurement can help you quickly identify content that fails to meet your threshold for acceptable video quality.

Detect & Alert on Critical Customer Impacting Issues

Sentry measures and reports on the issues that affects customers the most. The single QoE score, produced by proprietary Telestream algorithms, is a true reflection of the customer experience. It is only confidence in the quality of delivery that reduces churn while increasing operational efficiencies.

  • Ensures regulatory compliance with comprehensive audio loudness and caption monitoring
  • Reacts before the customer reacts to avoid costly viewer dissatisfaction
  • QoE scoring correlates directly to the quality of the viewing experience
  • Actionable alerts with reason codes facilitate fast troubleshooting

Easily Scale as your Network Evolves

Whether monitoring one channel or over a thousand, Sentry monitoring capability can expand to match capacity and geographic footprint growth, and the evolution of functionality requirements. Sentry's software-based solution protects investment and future-proofs the monitoring system as standards and technologies change.

  • Future-proof your monitoring network to encompass new technologies and services
  • Easily configure measurements and alerts for every service at every point in the workflow
  • Scalable monitoring of a few services to over a thousand

Picture Quality Assessment

The TekMOS measurement—unique to Telestream—is a picture quality scoring system that makes it easy to identify troubled content. TekMOS employs a machine-learning algorithm to create a model from a large set of training images. It then computes scores based on this model without requiring any reference video. The objective TekMOS scores have a very high correlation with the subjective scores gained from visual inspection by human observers.

  • Finds both quality issues pervasive throughout the content, and quality issues present for shorter durations within the program
  • Graphical results make it easy to visualize the quality scores and determine the reason for low scores (tiling, blurriness, or noise)
  • Provides an overall assessment of content quality without having to look at a long list of individual defects

Correlate Information Across Multiple Points & Networks

Whether the distribution and delivery network is linear, OTT, or cloud-based, Sentry provides a single tool for monitoring network performance and identifying issues. Aggregate key data and analytics provide a comprehensive network overview with a common and consistent set of measurements to simplify diagnosis, and reduce the time to remedy complex issues.

  • QoE and QoS measurements and connectivity solutions for linear broadcast
  • Monitor using an appliance, virtual instance, or in the cloud
  • Easy integration into 3rd party NMS through a RESTful API

All in One Monitoring & Analysis Solution

Sentry's alarms warn network operations teams of potential problems before they impact customers. Engineering personnel are supplied with a range of in-depth measurements and analysis easing fault diagnosis on reported issues. An accessible database compiling the previous 90 days of detailed operational data produces highly informative, tailored reports for easy trending and business analysis.

  • 90-day historical reporting to support compliance and service level agreements
  • Comprehensive QoS, QoE and Perceptual Video Quality (PVQ) measurements
  • Configurable program alert dashboards for use in operations


Name Sentry Verify Medius
Description Scalable real-time video QoS, QoE, and PVQ monitoring solution. Scalable real-time video QoS monitoring solution. Management of multiple Sentry and Verify systems with end-to-end views.
ARGUS Management Yes Yes No
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