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How to Build an Instantaneous, Self-healing, Live-streaming Service that Delights, Differentiates, and Drives Revenue

Get insights into what content holders and service providers must have to gain viewers, increase engagement, and reduce churn…all while doing this in an automated and efficient manner because nobody wants to scale losing money.

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Lightspeed Live Stream

Live Multiscreen Encoding, Packaging and Distribution

Multiscreen Encoding with Access to Vantage Workflow

Telestream® Lightspeed® Live Stream delivers enterprise-class live streaming for media and entertainment companies, corporations, government agencies and educational facilities. It can be deployed as a stand-alone solution for live multiscreen services or combined with the Vantage Media Processing Platform via the optional Lightspeed Live Capture product.

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Lightspeed Live Capture

Video Capture and Processing

Standalone capture, multiple server capture farm or integrated directly into Vantage Media platform

Lightspeed® Live Capture is a highly scalable and flexible multiple channel capture solution for ingesting high resolution and proxy files for use in production, post-production or broadcast workflows. Includes professional RS422 VTR control for log and capture.

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