Automate Workflows

Telestream Post Producer brings powerful automation to content assembly and multi-distribution workflows. Using a templated approach to automatically generate iterations of content based on one defined assembly instruction set, Post Producer reduces the workload on busy editors for mundane iterative work.

Below are examples of some of the types of workflows that Post Producer can automate:

Automated news

Edit on-air broadcasts into segments; create lower third titles with dynamically updated reporter name and story title by-line and format for television, broadband and mobile distribution.

Automated Weather updates

Assemble on-screen reporter audio, video, image sequences and overlays to create weather updates for hundreds of cities and regions with no manual intervention required.

Advertisement and promo insertion

Reorder video segments, remove ad black, insert interstitial video and audio, or add SCTE 35 or Black Arrow ad markets to monetize VOD assets.

Cable, IPTV, Taxi, and Airplane VoD production

Fully automate the editing process to remove or replace advertisements, add promos and rebrand on-air or cable broadcast content and transcode for all distribution partners. Utilizing a template that includes variables for changing or multi-language content, Post Producer can assemble VoD clips with no human intervention, and pass them to Vantage for additional processing and delivery.

International localization

Produce all of the versions for international distribution as a single job submission. Templates define the various permutations of deliverables – for segment ordering, language dubs, frame rate conversion, localized captioning and subtitling, and audio track mapping - and then submit them with the mastered promo. Post Producer will conform each regional deliverable to specifications.

Sports Highlight Reels

Post Producer can grab highlight clips and stitch them together to create longer form highlight shows, with interstitials between clips and multi-language captions or audio dubs.

Promo assembly and insertion

Automate credit squeeze back and speed up, and superimpose promo video and audio to build promo segments on-the-fly.