Ideal For:

Service More Distribution Channels

The automation of routine tasks provides cost-effective scaling of your production environment. Post Producer runs on one or more servers, working 24/7 to generate as many versions of each asset as necessary to meet your distribution needs. Post Producer is a workhorse that will allow you to scale up your distribution capacity without requiring additional manpower or edit bays.

Automated Editing and Composition

At the heart of Post Producer is a special set of Vantage Actions which are used to turn templates, which can be exported from Adobe Premiere CC, Apple Final Cut Pro 7 or Avid Media Composer 8, into automated processes that can produce outputs that contain multi-layered video compositions, with transition and image effects, graphic overlays, and conformed audio that are ready for distribution as high-quality output formats or transcoded to any available Vantage format.

Mix All Vantage Source Formats on the Timeline

Post Producer decodes and normalizes source content to match output requirements. Sources with different resolutions, aspect ratios, frame rates, and GOP structures, with incompatible audio track layouts, can be combined on-the-fly to create the desired output.

Post Producer decodes 15 different audio and video essence types and 11 different container types. For additional source format support, Vantage will conform hundreds of essence and container formats for use in Post Producer editing.

Convert to Any Vantage Output Format

Post Producer generates high resolution editorial and mezzanine essences that can be used as distribution formats or can be transcoded to any other Vantage distribution format supported by Vantage.

Predictable Results

The creative editors define the look and feel of the output. Customers and distribution partners define the technical requirements of the assets. CML files capture both and are applied to source media to produce consistent results for promos, broadcast to VOD conversions, interstitial promos and other commonly used content deliverables. In all cases, the decisions of the creative professionals are preserved in the templates and are reusable.

Reduce Production Costs

By eliminating the need for “tag-and-bag” editing, Post Producer removes the need for costly editors to perform repetitive tasks. Content producers can spend more time creating high-quality creative material while Post Producer automates the repetitive production work required for final distribution.

Speed Up Production, Increase Content Value

For time-sensitive material, Post Producer maximizes content value by automatically creating final assets for worldwide distribution, without manual editing. Content from files, or from a live Lightspeed Live Capture ingest, can be processed during the original recording. Integrated transcoding and delivery can ensure that the asset is repurposed, transformed and delivered to distribution partners with lightning speed.

Import Other Playlist Formats

The Vantage Compose action transforms other playlist formats into Vantage CML format for easy migration of existing automation integrations. Anystream .an2 and Telestream TSEDL are converted and conformed by Post Producer.

Post Producer Workflow Automation Examples