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When you are broadcasting sporting events, having access to a quality live sports streaming setup can open up new avenues for reaching your audience and engaging with your community. Starting from scratch can be a daunting prospect. We can help you understand the basics, and offer suggestions that will help you establish a successful, affordable live streaming setup.

Live streaming a sporting event

Lightspeed Live and Vantage help enable live remote production

Telestream and Aspera Enable Revolutionary Remote Live Sports Production for Fox Sports during 2018 FIFA World Cup

For FOX Sports’ World Cup operations, 22 Telestream Lightspeed Live Capture systems support camera ISOs and other feeds not dedicated to the match, allowing the team to fully capture all event-related content into the content management system. Four feeds will route high-res content directly to the Los Angeles production facility via Aspera FASPStream for editing in near-real-time.

The Lightspeed Live units, combined with Telestream's Vantage transcoding and workflows, provide direct delivery of professional production formats so that the content arrives “ready to work” in Los Angeles. The editorial and production systems there can directly receive a full-resolution captured video with very low latency, meaning fewer on-site edit and production systems are required.

Telestream and Aspera Enable Revolutionary Remote Live Sports Production for Fox Sports during 2018 FIFA World Cup

Wirecast’s professional features bring your audience to the game

Use Wirecast to live stream your sporting event

Wirecast is one of the most popular live production solutions for streaming sports. Used in big games at major sporting facilities with tens of thousands of viewers, all the way down to youth league soccer games on the weekend, Wirecast is versatile enough to handle the demands of any sport or production workflow.

Whether you are a solo operator, or you have a large team to help you film and call the game, Wirecast is packed with features designed to make your sports streams look and sound great. Use the built-in timers, clocks, stopwatches, scoreboards and Instant Replay feature to add professionalism to any live stream.

The Lacrosse Network Uses Wirecast to Stream Lacrosse Games on YouTube Live

The Lacrosse Network Uses Wirecast to Stream Lacrosse Games on YouTube Live


The Lacrosse Network (TLN) is a sports broadcast network for the digital age. TLN describes itself as a broadcast aggregator and distributor of lacrosse games that may be viewed live or on demand. They also deliver lacrosse documentaries, Q&A interview shows with players and fans, a live news show called The Lacrosse News and a news and analysis show called TLN News. While launching a traditional broadcast sports network devoted to lacrosse was cost-prohibitive, The Lacrosse Network found it could reach a global audience affordably by streaming media via the YouTube Live online platform.

Today, the network has agreements to Webcast games played by major lacrosse leagues and organizations including National Lacrosse League (NLL), Major League Lacrosse (MLL), Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA 1 & 2), Travelling All-Stars (LXM Pro), NCAA College Lacrosse Division I and III. TLN also carries tournaments, special lacrosse events and high school lacrosse matches. The network estimates that its total audience is close to 210,000+ subscribers across their Multi-Channel Network (MCN) of 25 digital channels

The Lacrosse Network Uses Wirecast to Stream Lacrosse Games on YouTube Live


The biggest challenge for The Lacrosse Network is that the games must be shot on-site and the video backhauled to TLN’s Los Angeles studios. To aggregate this content, TLN takes feeds from producers, leagues and other parties whose video production capabilities vary greatly.

In some cases, the on-site production team is capable of producing a multi-camera HD show complete with play-by-play/color announcing, graphics, effects, text and other enhancements. But in other cases, like high school lacrosse games, TLN just receives the raw video from the local camera(s).


Based on a recommendation from YouTube’s sports team, The Lacrosse Network realized that Wirecast software combined the broadcast-quality production tools, encoding and streaming capabilities they needed. More importantly, this user-friendly, cross platform software was economical enough to deploy to any local production team that needed it.

Wirecast encodes and sends a stream to TLN that’s ready to be passed on to YouTube. Production elements like graphics and text can be added with Wirecast’s integrated production tools before pushing it along to YouTube.

Whether you're creating or distributing sports video, Telestream has a video quality assurance solution for you.

Service Providers

iQ solutions make sure your viewers are seeing your sports content with the quality you intended, and that the companies you are paying to store, prepare, deliver, and play your sports content are consistently providing the service you expect.

OVSPs and CDNs

Your network and its underlying equipment and services must operate flawlessly to provide consistent, high-quality sports content. iQ solutions let you know when the video quality or network performance are degrading and help you diagnose the root cause to fix the problems as quickly as possible.

Sports Content Distributors

You need to be able to discover, troubleshoot and fix video problems before your sports subscribers tune out. iQ Solutions provide the intelligence to know what’s going wrong and what to do about it.

Sports Video and IT

Your IT network and systems are struggling with the bandwidth and variety of sports video applications. iQ solutions can provide the detailed information you need to determine where video bottlenecks are and where to make the investments to keep up.

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Telestream and Aspera Enable Revolutionary Remote Live Sports Production for Fox Sports during 2018 FIFA World Cup
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