Live ABR Monitor Service is perfect for programmers and event producers delivering live content who need to make sure their streams are reaching their viewers at the highest quality possible.

Worldwide Coverage

Live ABR Monitor Service provides instant access to over 70 geographically diverse monitoring locations around the world

Stream Analysis

Live ABR Monitor Service service includes a metric collection engine that measures variant availability, CDN performance, compression quality, stream compliance, impairments and more


Pay only for what you use and scale your monitoring environment on-demand to swarm problem streams with robust analytics

On-Demand Analytics

Realtime scalable measurement of all streaming variants in all locations, generating actionable intelligence on how your content is being prepared, packaged and delivered to your audience

Fast Startup

Start monitoring in minutes without the need for installation, complicated evaluations or dedicated staff

Open API

Leverage the easily integrated Open API REST endpoints to programmatically spin up/shut down monitoring infrastructure, gather stream performance metrics, identify and respond to alarms and scale out visibility on demand

Live ABR Monitor

Unprecedented real-time deployment of robust live ABR monitoring at scale in over 70 geographic regions.

  • Enable rapid spin up of QoE and active synthetic clients in any public cloud data center
  • Collected analytics are actionable and, with iVMS ASM, can be correlated in real time
  • Live ABR Monitor Service data can be augmented with client analytics for impact analysis and trouble indication
  • Leverages proven Telestream technology
  • Enables active management of extensive OTT SVOD/AVOD libraries
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Live ABR Monitor Service enables users to integrate a superior level of video monitoring.

Live ABR Monitor Service enables the ability to select any cloud data center, or as many as required, and to specify the types of monitoring probes that are needed. Hit 'go' and the entire QoS and QoE monitoring capability is automatically built.

Learn More - download the product sheet

Standard pricing for Live ABR Monitor

Live ABR Monitor

Confidently know your video service is delivering an engaging viewer experience everywhere. Rapidly respond to the cause and location of impairments when it's not.

  • Live stream monitoring infrastructure
  • Deployed in over 70 global regions
  • Premium video stream delivery performance analysis
  • Realtime alerts

Pay As You Go Plan

Telestream offer Live ABR Monitor Service on a convenient pay-as-you-go plan. Discounts are automatically applied as your usage scales.

As part of our introductory promotion Live ABR Monitor Service Pay As You Go users have unrestriicted access to all Live ABR Monitor Service features, documentation and API, and will receive the first 20 Live ABR Monitor Service Hours each month free of charge.


In addition to convenient pay-as-you-go options, Telestream offers enterprise plans that can be tailored to your specific needs. Enterprise plans include:

  • Significant discounts for volume & term commitments
  • Reserved channel pricing optimized for linear monitoring applications
  • API & console monitoring
  • Onboarding & integration services
  • Flexible payment & billing options

For more information:

A Telestream Cloud account is required to access Live ABR Monitor Service

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