Why use Qualify for file-based quality control as a Service?

Instant start with an easy-to-use cloud-native service, start media QC tests in minutes using web UI or API

Increase your content ROI and lower the costs related to rejection of media files including PSE checking and the ability to check for calm act compliance

Cut the time of delivering content thanks to automated QC that is part of the ingest and video production automation process

Focus on your video workflows and delivering pristine content to your customers while we manage the infrastructure for you

Best of Vidchecker and Aurora in a cloud-native service built upon the Telestream Media Framework, which has been field-tested for more than twenty years

Qualify Cloud Video File QC

Who is it for?

Broadcasters, content creators and distributors who need to meet industry requirements for media delivery. Ideal for media QC checks for inbound content from creators or outbound content delivery to Netflix and Prime or public broadcasters who require strict compliance for:

  • Format (codec, resolution, frame rate)
  • Bitrate and audio channels configuration
  • Video range, black levels, color gamut
  • Loudness levels
  • Quality levels (blockiness, letterboxing)

How it works

Telestream Cloud Qualify automates process of quality analysis for file-based media. As more and more file-based workflows move to the cloud offering a file-based QC process in the cloud is natural consequence.

  • Create QC Project that uses one of the available templates
  • Submit media file to the project through the UI or API
  • Telestream Cloud will run the media QC checks to test the file compliance against the selected template
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