Are you looking for high quality while saving time, expense and labor required for standards and formats conversion?

Tachyon’s® is based on powerful, phase correlation motion estimation engine that performs analysis on each frame, mapping the velocity and direction of each individual pixel. That motion information is used to predict (or synthesize) new frames at any point in time. The result is smooth motion playback at any frame rate.

Provide the best video experience with unmatched speed and scalability of Tachyon® that broadcasters and content providers need.

Highest-quality frame rate conversion to and from all standard frame rates, resolutions, aspect ratios, interlaced and progressive.

One-pass conversion in the uncompressed domain, eliminating multi-generation compression artifacts

Insertion of common pulldown patterns: 2:3, 2:2 PsF, and frame repeat to preserve film motion when targeting high progressive frame rates.

Highest quality motion-compensated de-interlacing to preserve the maximum detail

Automatic 3:2 pulldown/telecine removal with advanced cadence correction capable of resolving broken phase errors and issues with transitions between progressive, pulldown, and standard interlaced material

Resolution conversion to and from any resolution up to 4K

Usage based pricing. You pay only for number of output minutes produced.

Seamless scalability, trademark Tachyon® quality and flexible metered pricing so you only pay for what you use. If you can’t justify having Tachyon® on-premise then running your standards conversion in the cloud is the perfect solution.