Broadcast grade cloud transcoding and media processing as a service

When your mission critical media supply chains move to the cloud, you need the confidence that comes when you’re working with the world-renowned transcoding experts, Telestream. We’ve taken proven technology in the Telestream Media Framework that’s the foundation of media workflows all over the world and built a cloud-native, API-driven media processing and transcoding service, Telestream Cloud Transform.

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Please note that you’ll need a Telestream Cloud account to use the Transform service.

Built for development teams

Transform Cloud Video File Encoding

If you’re stepping up to writing your own code for cloud video transcoding and media processing compositions instead of relying on someone else to do it for you, the Transform service is for you.

With no startup costs and a pay-as-you-go billing model, there is no risk to getting started with Telestream Cloud Transform.

It only takes a few minutes to get going, and once you’re up and running, you’ll have access to the most powerful and complete set of broadcast-grade cloud-based processing tools for making media. Here's a link to the API reference to get started.

There’s even an elegant web console that you can use to build simple transcoding compositions and monitor progress of your media processing jobs.

See the Transform API schema

World class, enterprise-grade heritage

Transform Cloud Media Processing

Telestream Cloud Transform is a cloud-native service built upon many years of development in the Telestream Media Framework that has been field tested in the most demanding broadcast use cases.

The Telestream Media Framework has a 20-year heritage of being the defacto industry standard video transcoder and media processor from Telestream. This is the proprietary software that powers some of the most important media workflows in the world, and it is included in the Transform service.

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New! InSync FrameFormer Standards Conversion

  • State of the art motion compensated frame rate conversion (any frame rate)
  • High quality format conversion (any frame size)
  • Full range of aspect ratio conversions
  • Industry leading scan conversion (interlaced/progressive)
  • Cadence removal & Insertion

Telestream Transcoding and Media Processing Solutions

Transform UI OTT transcoding Transform Icon

Telestream Cloud Transform

  • API-driven, broadcast-grade media transformation
  • Cloud transcoding as a service
  • Best for use cases where access to capabilities beyond simple transcoding are needed in a cloud-native, SaaS model
Vantage Cloud UI Transcoding as a service

Vantage and Vantage Cloud

  • Runs on-prem and in the cloud – comes with its own workflow designer
  • Best for use cases where a workflow designer is needed to build complex workflows that require decision-making actions

Many customers find they have a mix of both categories of use cases

Telestream Cloud Transform Vantage Media Processing Platform
incl. Vantage Cloud
Cloud provider agnostic
On-prem component
Fully API-driven
Console for monitoring jobs
Workflow designer
Subtitles and captioning support
HDR and WCG color space transformation
Audio normalization
Video standards conversion

Supported cloud platforms, storage providers, and formats

You can run the Transform service in the cloud platform you choose and use cloud storage that works for you - you are not locked into something you don't want.

Supported Cloud Platforms Icon

Supported Cloud Platforms

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Supported Storage Options Icon

Supported Storage Providers

AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage, IBM Aspera, Oracle, Digital Ocean, FTP/SFTP

Wide Format Support Icon

Wide Format Support

Video - H.264/AVC (MP4, MOV, MXF), H.265/HEVC (MP4, MOV), MPEG-2 (MXF, TS, PS), AVC Intra class 50/100/200 (MXF), XDCAM EX/HD/HD422 (MXF), And more

Audio - Advanced Audio Codec (AAC), AC-3/EAC-3, MPEG Audio (Layer I and II), PCM, And more

See Complete Format Support

Standard pricing for Transform


Powerful cloud native transcoding service with advanced content assembly capabilities for broadcast, contribution and distribution formats

  • Platform agnostic service designed for API driven media processing at a massive scale
  • Unlimited scalability to meet all of your encoding needs
  • JSON driven media composition for advanced output configuration at the video/audio/subtitle streams level
  • Support for all major output formats with additional media processing capabilities, including Dolby Vision, color conversion and audio normalization.

Pay As You Go Plan

Activate the service now and pay as you go for only what you use. No activation charge, and no hidden costs outside actual usage.


In addition to convenient pay-as-you-go options, Telestream offers enterprise plans that can be tailored to your specific needs. Enterprise plans include:

  • Significant discounts for volume & term commitments
  • API & console monitoring
  • Onboarding & integration services
  • Flexible payment & billing options

Transform service is a part of Telestream Cloud.

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