Content Storage Management

Content Storage Management


Professional solution to enable quick recovery from disaster & attacks

No business is immune from unplanned outages & threats to their IT infrastructure and assets. Telestream Data Protection can help automate the backup and recovery of your valuable content, metadata, and content management catalogs to air-gapped storage so that your system can be recovered in the event of a disaster or an attack from threats such as ransomware. This affordable package includes all the software and professional setup needed to ensure that your data is protected. In addition, Telestream’s IT media experts will analyze your storage policies and configuration to assess your overall business continuity readiness.

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Benefits of Telestream Data Protection

Customizable Backup schedules

Eliminate manual processes to move backups to air-gapped storage.

Expert advice for your business continuity strategy

Available for all Telestream content management systems – DIVA & Kumulate

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