Post Producer FAQs


Post Producer FAQs


Post Producer FAQs


Post Producer is part of the Vantage platform and is a fully integrated product within Vantage. To install Post Producer, simply install Vantage 6.0 or later and ensure that you select “Post Producer” as part of the installation. Note that Post Producer is a purchasable product, so you will require either a demo license or a full production license to access the Post Producer features.

A CML file is an XML file that contains instructions for Post Producer.  The Vantage SDK includes a complete toolkit for creating CML files, or you can create them with any XML library or XML editor. The Vantage Workflow Portal can also be used to provide variables to Post Producer, allowing you to create a CML where a few fields are changed based upon data entry parameters.  For example, you could create a CML file where an operator could type in text fields, and Post Producer inserts them into CML and then renders them. For customers already using .AN2 or .TSEDL input files, these files may be provided to the Compose action within Post Producer and they will automatically be converted to CML. A selection of CML examples are available on the “Samples” tab of the Post Producer support site.  The Vantage SDK also includes a wide variety of CML samples, a toolkit for creating CML, and full CML documentation.

Post Producer will run either in CPU-only mode, or using GPU acceleration on a Lightspeed Server. GPU acceleration is not required, but will offer significant performance improvements for multi-layered compositions, timelines that involve significant video processing (such as mixing SD and HD content), and when creating H.264 outputs using the x264 codec.

No, a Telestream Lightspeed Server is required. The Lightspeed Server includes both a cost-effective, fully qualified hardware platform, and also the necessary software to leverage our GPU acceleration technology.

Yes. This is accomplished by using Post Producer to create a TIFO output to a hot folder, which is being watched in a separate workflow by any of the Vantage Transcode products.  As the TIFO file grows, any of the Vantage Transcode products can simultaneously read the file and transcode it to your final output format. In cases where the Chronicle action is required (specifically for Black Arrow or SCTE-35 ad insertion) then the transcode must occur after Post Producer has finished rendering the video file. Note that the Vantage Transcode products are not included with the base Post Producer product and must be purchased separately.  When purchased all products can co-exist in the same Vantage installation, sharing the same hardware.

Yes. The Vantage SDK is used for this and you can download the SDK and supporting documentation here.

The SDK supports WCF, SOAP, and REST API.

If you are a vendor interested in working with Telestream to develop a Vantage plug-in, please contact us at

No, GraphicsFactory is discontinued, and has been replaced with Post Producer, which is a next-generation product that offers significantly more capability than Graphics Factory.

As a fully integrated part of the Vantage platform, Post Producer can take advantage of all of the Vantage scalability and reliability options.  It also seamlessly integrates within a Vantage workflow with any other Vantage product.