TrafficManager for FlipFactory Support

TrafficManager Frequently Asked Questions

Will Vantage replace AdManager (or TrafficManager) for FlipFactory?

TrafficManager on the Vantage platform is a next generation product available for both FlipFactory AdManager and TrafficManager customers. Vantage offers significant new benefits beyond the FlipFactory platform and has been designed specifically for modern commercial workflows. For more information about the new features in TrafficManager for Vantage, please click here.

What's the difference between FlipFactory Pro and TrafficManager?

TrafficManager is specifically designed to automate the Traffic and Operation tasks of an on-air broadcast facility. It handles the specific task of moving incoming media from digital delivery edge servers such as Extreme Reach, Javelin, On The Spot, and DG Systems through the Traffic and Operations group, eventually delivering air worthy media to the broadcast server. All this is done digitally without reverting back to base band.

Can TrafficManager handle more than one type of broadcast server at once?

Yes. TrafficManager can handle any number of differing broadcast servers. See our specifications for brands and models.

How do I know when new media has arrived?

TrafficManager will email the appropriate parties and will place an entry in the Traffic account.

TrafficManager can monitor digital delivery edge servers, can it also monitor FTP and network folders?

Yes. TrafficManager can monitor for arrival of new media on FTP folders, local folders, network folders, ClipMail appliances, as well as digital delivery servers.

What kind of other metadata can TrafficManager extract?

TrafficManager can extract audio levels, key frames, closed captioning, Title, Duration, EOM, SOM, Agency, Product Name, and more…..

I have many promo spots to move from my NLE to the on-air server. How can TrafficManager help?

TrafficManager can accept input directly from most NLEs. Either have TrafficManager pull it off or have your NLE deliver it directly to a folder monitored by TrafficManager.

Half of our spots arrive on tape. Can I use TrafficManager to ingest them into our system?

Telestream's Pipeline provides tape deck control and high quality video encoding and metadata entry for submission into TrafficManager.

Will TrafficManager work with my existing automation system?

TrafficManager will support automation systems from Encoda Systems, Florical, Harris (Louth) & Omnibus.

We generally need to adjust the audio levels on our newly acquired media. How can TrafficManager automate this task?

TrafficManager analyzes the incoming audio levels and presents a suggested level correction (if any) along with a graphical waveform representation of the entire clip. When media are transcoded onto the destination on-air server, the audio gain is adjusted automatically. Alternatively, TrafficManager can also automatically analyze and correct audio loudness using the ITU 1770 specification.

How do I assign the work/House number to the newly acquired spots?

Work/House numbers, along with a host of other metadata, can to input from the “Commercial Metadata” tab on the Traffic applet within TrafficManager.

I understand that TrafficManager can produce a low-res proxy for review and approval. Can I choose the format and bit rate of this proxy?

Yes. The proxy can be MPEG2, MPEG1, Windows Media, Real, Quicktime, etc….. The bit rate and formats can be chosen to suit your desires.

How can I view the low-res proxy?

The TrafficManager client applet can be run from any computer on your network. The proxy can be streamed to any desktop at any time.

How much does TrafficManager cost?

Less than you think. Contact Telestream for a full quote.