What's included in TrafficManager:

 Workflow Features Broadcast Cable/IPTV
 Syndicated Content Ingest
 Catch Server Monitoring
 Dub List Monitoring
 Analysis & Loudness Correction
 Local & Regional Web Uploads
 5 Portal Users (inventory view)
 Dub List Analysis Tools
 Spot Delivery Catch Servers Broadcast Cable/IPTV
 Comcast (Radiance)
 DMDS (Yangaroo)
 Hula MX
 On The Spot Media
 Syndication Catch Servers Broadcast Cable/IPTV
 Extreme Reach Syndication (formerly Pathfire) (BXF version)
 Dub List Monitoring and Analysis Broadcast Cable/IPTV
 Comma Separated (CSV)
 Column Separated (TXT)
 Server Support Broadcast Cable/IPTV
 Avid MediaStream decode
 EVS XT Server, Media Server decode
 Grass Valley Profile, PDR, K2, Summit, Solo decode
 GV iTX decode
 Harris VR Series, Nexio, DVR Series decode
 Omneon Spectrum, MediaDeck, MediaGrid decode
 SeaChange BMS/BMC/BML decode
 SeaChange MVL decode
 Arris HQ decode
 Non-Linear Editor Transcoding Broadcast Cable/IPTV
 Adobe Premiere
 Apple Final Cut Pro
 Avid DS, Media Composer, Symphony, Xpress, Xpress DV,
 iNews, NewsCutter
 Avid Liquid & Vortex
 Avid Unity, ISIS, Interplay
 Grass Valley News Edit, News Browse
 Grass Valley Infinity decode decode
 Broadcast Automation Broadcast Cable/IPTV
 Automation Notification for Spots and Longform Content (BXF, ASDB, Florical, iTX, Pebble, Morpheus, etc.)  
 Text Dub List (CSV, Tab-Delimited)  
 Analysis Capabilities Broadcast Cable/IPTV
 Identify media properties (codec, width, height, audio, bit rate, etc.)
 Letterbox / Curtain Detection
 Black Detection
 Slate / Bars Detection
 Dolby Dialog Intelligence
 ITU 1770-3 and EBU R-128 loudness measurement and correction
 Telecine detection and removal
 Macroblock detection
 Video interlacing and field order detection
 Caption detection
 Web caption file generation (SMPTE 2052, Web VTT, SCC)
 Intelligent decision-making
 Integration with 3rd party QC software optional optional
 Other Features Broadcast Cable/IPTV
 Windows, FTP monitoring and delivery
 Broadcast server monitoring and delivery  
 Cloud storage monitoring and delivery (AWS, Azure, Google)  
 Seachange MVL delivery  
 XML Metadata transformations
 SFTP and FTPS monitoring and delivery
 Email notification
 Web-based job status views
 User Accounts
 GPU Accelerated Transcoding optional optional