Quickly, easily, and reliably automate your media processes from ingest to delivery

Built to meet the dynamic and ever-evolving needs of the media and entertainment industry, Vantage is the award-winning media processing solution trusted by leading broadcasters and organizations worldwide. Vantage is a powerful platform that enables content owners, producers, and distributors to ingest, edit, transcode, QC, package, monetize, and distribute high-quality media with speed, simplicity, and ease. Learn More

Vantage Transcode

Vantage Transcode

Vantage simplifies media conversion in today's multi-format, multivendor video environments: production, archiving, and multiplatform distribution.

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Vantage Workflow

Vantage Workflow

Scalable, intelligent workflow automation for file-based content production and multi-channel distribution. Vantage Cloud enables workflows to follow the media to the Cloud.

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System Solutions

System Solutions

Telestream offers automated file-based system solutions built on the scalable Vantage media processing platform: Tempo, Post Producer, VOD Producer, VOD Producer DAI and TrafficManager

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Format Support

Format Support

World's broadest format support for web, mobile, editing, broadcast servers, IPTV and more

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Accelerated Ttranscoding Software


GPU and multicore CPU acceleration are available with Lightspeed Server which increases video quality and throughput

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Vantage Quality


16-bit 4:4:4:4, best compression tools; HPA Engineering Excellence Award from the Hollywood Post Alliance

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Vantage Cloud

Vantage Cloud

Since most media companies wish to continue to use their on-premise technology while moving new workflows and burst capacity to the cloud, Vantage Cloud was created to address these applications.

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Vantage Virtual Deployment

Vantage Deployment Options

The power and flexibility of Vantage can be deployed on-premises, in a virtual environment, in the cloud, or with any combination of those choices.

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Intelligent Workflows

Intelligent workflows

Automatically make decisions, manage content, and correct workflows based upon incoming metadata and content properties

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Human Interaction

Human Interaction

Easily deploy operator interfaces within automated processes, enabling human intervention to review assets, enter metadata, and more

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Scalability & Management

Scale from single-server installations to multi-server systems with comprehensive management tools

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The Vantage Promise

Vantage Promise

  • Recognized speed
  • Award-winning quality
  • Hands-free automated workflow
  • Intelligent decision making
  • Allows business growth
  • World class support
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What Is Vantage?

What Is Vantage?

What It Is

The Vantage media processing platform is based on a flexible service-oriented architecture, Vantage is made up of discrete services and connectors that combine to create powerful automated workflows – all under unified system control. Vantage services provide transcoding, media capture, metadata processing, media analysis, and content assembly. Vantage connectors enable seamless, API-level integration with third-party systems.

Used By

Content owners, producers, and distributors use Vantage to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively ingest, edit, transform, package, monetize, and distribute their media.


Vantage offers scalability from simple standalone systems to complex, multi-server systems to meet your growing business needs today and well into the future. Running on standard, off-the-shelf server hardware, or our GPU-accelerated Lightspeed® Server, Vantage utilizes all of the capabilities of today’s enterprise-level IT infrastructures and best practices.

The Latest Technologies

Vantage transcoding, workflow, and systems solutions utilize the latest technologies to deliver pristine quality, exceptional processing speeds, plus the industry’s most intelligent and scalable workflow automation system. Vantage processing can be extended from on-premise systems to the Cloud – to quickly address peaks in production demand, or test new business concepts.

The World’s Broadest Format Support

Hundreds of Formats and Devices

The Vantage® Transcoding Product Family includes support for over 120 video and audio compression formats and file types, covering a broad range of input and output devices.

From Production to Delivery

Format support includes professional camera ingest formats, editing formats, archival formats, and delivery formats for broadcast, cable, IPTV, VOD, web, mobile and multiscreen OTT. Vantage is a versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of production tasks.

UltraHD and 4K Ready

From proxy resolutions through SD, HD, UltraHD and 4K, Vantage offers video processing and transcoding tools for virtually every task.

Metadata Preservation

VANC, time code, captions and AMWA metadata can be inserted or preserved during transcoding.

Multiple Transcoding Engines

Vantage offers several different transcoding engine options, each purpose-built for a specific task:

Robust Content Ingest

With a broad list of input formats, all transcoding engines support a variety of input file types.
Transcode/Transcode Pro Decode Format Sheet

Production and Broadcast Formats

Within Transcode and Transcode Pro, our wide range of broadcast, MXF and edit formats ensures device interoperability with full metadata preservation:
Transcode/Transcode Pro Encode Format Sheet

Accelerated Multiscreen and OTT Encoding

Transcode Mutliscreen offers a full range of adaptive bit rate formats, including support for Microsoft, Adobe, Apple HLS and MPEG-DASH:
Transcode Multiscreen Format Sheet

IPTV and Cable Transport Stream Encoding

Transcode IPTV VOD provides deep support for transport stream encoding and multiplexing with support for eTV preservation, SCTE-35 insertion, and more:
Transcode IPTV VOD Format Sheet

Accelerated HEVC Encoding

Transcode Multiscreen enables the creation of high-quality HEVC through x265 compression technology.

Ultra Wide Aspect Ratio Support

For venues including stadiums, Vantage transcoding supports ultra wide resolutions and unanchored aspect ratios for digital signage and displays.

Comprehensive Production Capabilities

Vantage has support for Dolby Vision processing, Avid Matte Creation, Dynamic Audio Compressor, VMAF Analyzation and more.

Blazingly Fast

Blazingly Fast

GPU Acceleration

Video processing and transcoding can be accelerated using the Lightspeed Server for up to 9x speed improvements

Optimized for Servers

Vantage transcoding, analysis and video processing is multi-threaded and optimized for multi-core 64-bit Windows Server architectures.

System Optimization

Vantage system management tools automatically optimize multi-server and resource utilization to ensure maximum throughput.

Pristine Quality

Pristine Quality

Beautiful Results, No Compromise

With full 16-bit 4:4:4:4 video processing, all Vantage transcoding and content processing steps ensure lossless precision for all video processing algorithms. By offering sufficient bit depth at every stage in the process, Vantage ensures that the details are preserved.

Full Precision Processing

Video processing algorithms typically require at least 4 bits of precision greater than the final encode depth, in order to preserve the original content. For example, an 8-bit output will require at least 12 bits of precision during transcoding. Vantage ensures that all video processing meets or exceeds these required minimums.

GPU Acceleration

With the Lightspeed Server all video processing can be performed on the GPU, allowing blazingly fast speeds, shorter turnaround times and higher throughput.

Conversion for HD, 4K and International Content

With full support for up-conversion, down-conversion, and standards conversion, Vantage allows you to convert content for different standards as an integrated part of your file-based transcoding or video processing.

Pixel-Perfect Deinterlacing

With unique motion-compensated deinterlacing, Vantage enables creation of proxies, 720, 1080 and UltraHD progressive content from interlaced sources with unparalleled quality.

Better Quality, Lower Bit Rate

With integrated x264 encoding for H.264, and x265 encoding for H.265 (HEVC), Vantage allows you to lower transmission bit rates and increase video quality.  Sample Videos

UltraHD and 4K Support

Vantage supports full UltraHD and 4K video processing, including up-conversion from HD content and full GPU acceleration.

World Class Transcoding

Vantage won the Hollywood Post Alliance Engineering Excellence award for its full 16-bit processing during transcoding.  Read More

Hands-Free Automation

Hands-Free Automation

Visual Workflow Design

Vantage provides powerful process design and status monitoring tools. Workflows are designed visually, allowing even complex media processes to be represented in an easy-to-understand way that allows you to see what is going on at a glance.

Flexible Data Modeling

Metadata conversion, analysis results, media files, and the processes around them can be designed with complete freedom. With integrated file tracking, temporary storage recovery, and metadata modeling, Vantage gives you powerful tools to automate a wide variety of media tasks.

Rock-Solid Execution

Even complex processes can be visualized simply within Vantage, which then automatically breaks them into steps that can be executed across multiple servers. Automatic failover and recovery ensures that Vantage will perform consistently and reliably.

Easy Job Submission

Vantage allows you to submit media for processing via hot folders, the SDK, or by providing a spreadsheet. Work order submission allows you to provide media files with metadata and custom information for each job, such as titles to render, metadata to insert, or delivery destinations.

Full Automation in Multi-Vendor Environments

Vantage offers integrations with virtually every type of video device, including broadcast servers, edit systems, streaming servers, cable VOD servers, QC systems, digital delivery protocols, and video processing tools. This broad range of capabilities allows you to unify your workflow and achieve complete automation and visibility.
Integrating Vantage into your environment

A Complete SDK

The Vantage SDK supports REST, SOAP and WCF and gives you deep control of the Vantage framework. Job submission, status monitoring, asset catalogs, metadata, and media analysis results can all be accessed using the Vantage SDK.

Intelligent Workflows

Intelligent Workflows

Smart Workflows

Integrated decision-making allows Vantage to respond to media properties and metadata automatically. Delivery destinations, encoding profiles, and entire process branches can be chosen on a job-by-job basis, removing the need for human intervention and allowing truly intelligent workflow automation.

Custom-Built Transcoding Profiles

Analysis results and metadata can be used to choose between pre-built encoding profiles, or build custom encoding profiles automatically. Cropping, black detection, telecine removal, and dozens of other options work automatically based upon your rules to pick the best unique result for each media file. This allows even the most diverse set of media to be processed and encoded optimally, without requiring you to review each file by hand.

Integrated Analysis Tools

Vantage includes deep media and metadata analysis tools. Audio analysis and correction, caption analysis and extraction, and deep media inspection can be performed as part of a fully automated workflow.
Learn more about Vantage Analysis

Priority Fast-Tracking

Vantage ensures that high-priority work is managed ahead of low-priority work. With Transcode and Transcode Pro, low priority jobs can also be paused automatically to allow high-priority work through, resuming when system resources become available. This ensures that your last-minute rush media can be delivered in a timely fashion without disrupting your day-to-day processing.

Get Hands On

Get Hands On

Customized Operator Interfaces

The Vantage Workflow Portal allows you to build and deploy custom user interfaces for your operators in minutes. When human interaction is required at some step of your workflow, Vantage offers you a uniquely powerful set of tools for managing your operator experience.
Learn more about Vantage Workflow Portal

Review & Approval

Vantage allows operators to access catalogs of media within a workflow, to search for specific content and perform a proxy review and approval. This allows your clients, legal team, or any other stakeholder to perform fast, browser-based review of media during processing.

Metadata Entry

With powerful metadata design tools, Vantage allows you to build your own metadata schema and publish it to your operators. Through a browser based interface they can then annotate media, allowing them to choose delivery destinations, add AMWA or broadcast metadata, or simply change file names as part of your overall media workflow.

Full Administration

Vantage supports users and role definitions, ensuring that you have complete control over access to job status views, operator portals, and workflow design tools.

Truly Scalable

Truly Scalable

Enterprise-Class Scalability

Vantage Array Pro allows you to scale your media processing to over a hundred servers with rock-solid reliability and comprehensive system management tools.
Learn more about Vantage Array Pro

Job Reporting

Generates automatic or manual job spreadsheet reports. These reports can be easily configured to report job details, execution metrics, advanced media analysis properties, metadata, or any other data contained inside a Vantage workflow.

Workflow Analytics

Provides an interactive interface for generating insightful workflow analytics, including execution time analysis, bottleneck identification, utilization metrics, and more.

Open Workflow Execution

Increases processing speed of many Vantage workflows by enabling most actions to begin processing before the previous action has completed. This can drastically increase the efficiency of multistep workflows, particularly those involving the intermediate processing.

Advanced Task Scheduling

Augments the capabilities of Vantage load-balancing by adding resource management rules for any underlying resource such as compute, storage access, network bandwidth, third party licenses.

Web Dashboard

Provides administrators with remote visibility into overall system health and job status with an easy-to-use web interface. This interface can be used as a control room heads-up display or by individual supervisors to monitor the Vantage domain.

Rock-Solid Reliability

Only Vantage offers true peer-to-peer resiliency, with no single point of failure. Unlike alternative solutions, Vantage does not rely upon a “control server.” Rather, all Vantage machines work in a cooperative fashion to ensure that if any machine fails, the system will automatically recover jobs and keep running.

The Vantage Promise

Speed with Quality. No Compromise.

Peace of Mind

Vantage is used in 24/7 business-critical workflows by major media companies worldwide. With experience supporting events such as the 2014 Sochi Olympics you can rest assured that the Vantage product and support teams will work for your success

True Scalability

Vantage is a services-oriented architecture (SOA) designed from the ground up to support anywhere from 1 to over 100 servers. With flexible product configurations and a wide variety of features, you will find that Vantage can grow with your business.

World Class Support

Telestream is known for providing unparalleled customer service and support. You can rest assured that Telestream’s worldwide team of highly-skilled technicians are available to provide the quick and comprehensive support & guidance you want.