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Manage User Access & Track Job Status
Vantage video workflow automation with
user access control and web-based job status views

Vantage Team Management

Telestream Vantage® workflow design and automation software allows facilities to streamline a wide variety of video processes, including transcoding, video device interoperability, multi-channel distribution and operator metadata entry. Due to this versatility, Vantage is often used by more than one operator, administrator, or department. With multiple workflow users comes the need to manage who can see which aspects of the system – allowing users easy access to the information relevant to them.

Vantage Team Management adds user accounts and web-based customized job status views to a Vantage installation. This ensures that operators, administrators and end-users can easily access the tasks, jobs and workflows which are relevant to them, and ensures that other aspects of the system are protected from accidental changes.

User Accounts

User accounts control who can access which parts of Vantage. This protects the system from accidental changes, and ensures that end-users and operators only see aspects of the system that are relevant to them. User accounts are centrally managed in the Vantage database, and can be set for Vantage applications, web-based  views, and administration  tools.

Vantage Workflow Portal – or operators performing metadata entry, content browsing, stitching and job submission, user accounts allow administrators to choose which operators can perform which tasks. For example, one department may need to access editorial content for review and approval, while another group may want to extract and prepare promos. Each Workflow Portal configuration can be assigned individual user rights, ensuring that departments only see the media that is relevant to them, and that operators only perform tasks which they are qualified to perform. With user accounts, Vantage allows different operators to become involved at different points in the workflow, without becoming involved in  the entire workflow.

Vantage Workflow Designer – in multi-department environments, administrators may choose to allow some groups the ability to design and administer their own workflows. For example, the graphics department may be allowed to change its encode settings, but may not be allowed to see the edit team's workflow. User rights can be set for individual workflow categories in Vantage, allowing administrators to organize and choose which workflows should be exposed to which users.

Vantage Management Console – administrators can control which users access the Management Console, protecting key administrative tasks such as licensing, system maintenance, and other core functions of the Vantage database and services.

Customizable, Web-based Job Status Views

Web-based Job Status views allow complex job status information to be simplified and presented to users without requiring client software installation.

In most cases, workflow users will interact with Vantage through hot folders, integrations with third-party systems, or through the Vantage Workflow Portal. For example, an editor may submit files directly from Avid into a hot folder, never realizing that Vantage is performing work behind the scenes. However, these users usually require some way of tracking the jobs that they have submitted, so that they know whether the work is being done, and whether there are any issues.

With Vantage Team Management, administrators can deploy web-based Job Status views that can be customized for each user. Individual steps in the workflow can be presented as columns within the Job Status view, allowing complex processes to be represented to end-users in simplified form. This allows users to quickly track the progress of jobs that they have submitted, or jobs that are incoming to them, as the work is performed by Vantage.

Administrators can also control which users can access which job status views. For example, an administrator may allow the edit team to see the status of transcoding jobs from the edit bay, while the graphics team may see only the status of promo production jobs. Administrators may also choose to make certain views public, so that all teams can see them.


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