Intelligent Workflows

Intelligent Workflows

Smart Workflows

Integrated decision-making allows Vantage to respond to media properties and metadata automatically. Delivery destinations, encoding profiles, and entire process branches can be chosen on a job-by-job basis, removing the need for human intervention and allowing truly intelligent workflow automation.

Custom-Built Transcoding Profiles

Analysis results and metadata can be used to choose between pre-built encoding profiles, or build custom encoding profiles automatically. Cropping, black detection, telecine removal, and dozens of other options work automatically based upon your rules to pick the best unique result for each media file. This allows even the most diverse set of media to be processed and encoded optimally, without requiring you to review each file by hand.

Integrated Analysis Tools

Vantage includes deep media and metadata analysis tools. Audio analysis and correction, caption analysis and extraction, and deep media inspection can be performed as part of a fully automated workflow.
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Priority Fast-Tracking

Vantage ensures that high-priority work is managed ahead of low-priority work. With Transcode and Transcode Pro, low priority jobs can also be paused automatically to allow high-priority work through, resuming when system resources become available. This ensures that your last-minute rush media can be delivered in a timely fashion without disrupting your day-to-day processing.