Vantage Analysis

Telestream Vantage Analysis allows you to add automated media analysis and quality control checks directly into your media processing workflows. Analyze file properties, perform video and audio analysis, and compare files. Vantage Analysis goes beyond content verification to enable you to automate smart transcoding and self-healing quality control workflows.

With the industry's broadest file format support, Vantage Analysis is a fully-integrated part of Vantage, allowing you to design your workflow without the need for temporary file formats or unnecessary file copies. Vantage Analysis also scales up to multiple servers, providing full scalability, load-balancing and redundancy, with 24/7 reliability and auto-failover within the Vantage environment.

Compare Models

 Feature Analysis Analysis Pro
 Compare Files
 Identify Properties
 Measure Video/Audio
 Loudness Measurement
 Smart Decision-Making
 PDF Media Reports  
 Mediainfo Integration  
 Dolby E Detection  
 Dolby Atmos Loudness Measurement  
 Dolby Vision Metadata extraction  
 Color Levels Analysis  
 Color Data  
 Scene Change Analysis  
 Telecine Cadence Analysis  

Build Intelligent Transcoding Workflows

Vantage can fully automate some of the world's toughest transcoding workflows, removing the need for operator intervention.

Combine Vantage Analysis with Vantage Transcode Products to create video processing workflows that automatically respond to incoming media properties. Results from Vantage Analysis can drive independent decision-making for each media file – for example, choosing a different encoding profile based upon whether the file is SD or HD, curtained or letterboxed. Results can also be used to create dynamic encoding profiles – for example, cropping exactly the right amount of black detected during letterbox analysis.

Caption Analysis

Vantage Analysis includes tools for automated caption analysis. Using Analysis, a workflow can determine whether or not a file contains captions for quality control, and use decision-making to take appropriate steps if captions are not found.

Audio Analysis and Correction

Vantage Analysis can automatically measure audio and dialog loudness, using ITU 1770-3 audio analysis and Dolby Dialog Intelligence. Gated loudness, dialog loudness, the amount of measured dialog, and peak levels are all measured and can be reported, used for decision-making, or provided to subsequent steps in the workflow

When combined with a Vantage Transcode product, loudness analysis results can also be used to correct audio. Vantage Transcode will use the Analysis results intelligently, automatically choosing whether to use dialog or the audio loudness as the correction criteria, based upon user-specified thresholds. Vantage Analysis can analyze multiple audio tracks or languages independently, and correction can occur across all tracks or languages during a single transcode. Only Vantage Analysis and Vantage Transcode products provide a completely automated file-based solution for multi-language, dialog-aware audio analysis and correction.

Publish Analysis Results

Using Vantage data modeling, results can be published to web services, as metadata in media files, or exported as XML. Results can also be accessed through the Vantage SDK.

Pass and Fail Files

Vantage can automatically test files to determine whether they “pass” or “fail”. Specify which parameters you wish to measure, and configure acceptable ranges for those measurements. Vantage Analysis will then determine whether each file falls within acceptable range, and can trigger different workflows automatically based upon the results. A PDF report indicating the results can also be published and emailed for review.

Scalable, enterprise-class server software

Vantage Analysis runs on your Windows Server 2008 R2 or Server 2012. Optimized for server architectures, Vantage Analysis ensures high throughput of video files. Adding Vantage Array™ allows for full scalability, load-balancing and redundancy, giving you 24/7 reliability and auto-failover. Processing can take place on one or multiple load-balanced servers providing high-volume processing to meet your exact media workflow needs.

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