The World’s Broadest Format Support

Hundreds of Formats and Devices

The Vantage® Transcoding Product Family includes support for over 120 video and audio compression formats and file types, covering a broad range of input and output devices.

From Production to Delivery

Format support includes professional camera ingest formats, editing formats, archival formats, and delivery formats for broadcast, cable, IPTV, VOD, web, mobile and multiscreen OTT. Vantage is a versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of production tasks.

UltraHD and 4K Ready

From proxy resolutions through SD, HD, UltraHD and 4K, Vantage offers video processing and transcoding tools for virtually every task.

Metadata Preservation

VANC, time code, captions and AMWA metadata can be inserted or preserved during transcoding.

Multiple Transcoding Engines

Vantage offers several different transcoding engine options, each purpose-built for a specific task:

Robust Content Ingest

With a broad list of input formats, all transcoding engines support a variety of input file types.
Transcode/Transcode Pro Decode Format Sheet

Production and Broadcast Formats

Within Transcode and Transcode Pro, our wide range of broadcast, MXF and edit formats ensures device interoperability with full metadata preservation:
Transcode/Transcode Pro Encode Format Sheet

Accelerated Multiscreen and OTT Encoding

Transcode Mutliscreen offers a full range of adaptive bit rate formats, including support for Microsoft, Adobe, Apple HLS and MPEG-DASH:
Transcode Multiscreen Format Sheet

IPTV and Cable Transport Stream Encoding

Transcode IPTV VOD provides deep support for transport stream encoding and multiplexing with support for eTV preservation, SCTE-35 insertion, and more:
Transcode IPTV VOD Format Sheet

Accelerated HEVC Encoding

Transcode Multiscreen enables the creation of high-quality HEVC through x265 compression technology.