Get Hands On

Get Hands On

Customized Operator Interfaces

The Vantage Workflow Portal allows you to build and deploy custom user interfaces for your operators in minutes. When human interaction is required at some step of your workflow, Vantage offers you a uniquely powerful set of tools for managing your operator experience.
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Review & Approval

Vantage allows operators to access catalogs of media within a workflow, to search for specific content and perform a proxy review and approval. This allows your clients, legal team, or any other stakeholder to perform fast, browser-based review of media during processing.

Metadata Entry

With powerful metadata design tools, Vantage allows you to build your own metadata schema and publish it to your operators. Through a browser based interface they can then annotate media, allowing them to choose delivery destinations, add AMWA or broadcast metadata, or simply change file names as part of your overall media workflow.

Full Administration

Vantage supports users and role definitions, ensuring that you have complete control over access to job status views, operator portals, and workflow design tools.