Vantage Intelligence. Virtual Infrastructure. Rapid Scaling

Does your infrastructure strategy include embracing private cloud, public cloud, and/or on-premise workflows and automation?

Many broadcast and media leaders are adopting or planning to adopt commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) abstracted hardware and virtualized software deployment for content production infrastructure. Vantage offers the flexibility to be used in popular virtual infrastructures using permanent perpetual licenses, or by renting licenses with as little as a 30 day commitment so additional system capacity can be added or removed as needs dictate.

Vantage can run on public and private virtualized infrastructure with a proven multi-node orchestration engine that intelligently capitalizes on the flexibility of virtual infrastructure. You can optionally use GPU acceleration for select GPUs for unparalleled transcoding speed of popular formats. See the Vantage Virtual Domain Management Guide for more information.

Flexible Vantage licensing

Vantage Virtual Deployment offers flexible licensing options that work for both large and small environments, either on premises or running on public or private cloud infrastructures.

  • Permanent, Perpetual Licenses
    Vantage licenses, as purchased, can be used for virtual deployments in most environments. In order to use GPU acceleration on VM’s (ESXi and Hyper-V) running on COTS hardware, the SKU V-LS-VIRTUAL-SW should be ordered per node. This license is compatible with certain GPUs running on certain VM environments (ESXi and Hyper-V), currently K80, M60, P100 and P40 (Hyper-V only). Additional GPU models are currently undergoing qualification. Please contact Telestream Enterprise Sales for full information.
  • Rental Licenses
    Vantage Rental Licensing allows for flexible deployment of Vantage licensing by offering fully functional Vantage licenses for periods of as few as 30-day terms. Note that only Vantage software can be rented – Lightspeed hardware is excluded.
  • Vantage Cloud Port
    Since most media companies wish to continue to use their on-premise technology while moving new workflows and burst capacity to the cloud, the dominant on-premise market presence of the Vantage Media Processing Platform makes it the perfect choice to support these hybrid workflows. Vantage Cloud Port was created to address these kinds of applications.

With the new consumption-based actions in Vantage Cloud Port, users only pay for media processing results.

  • Vantage Cloud Port is location and resource aware: Vantage workflows automatically “follow the media."
  • As media files are orchestrated, Vantage Cloud Port automatically provides intelligent and efficient management of cloud storage, avoiding egress fees and providing operational efficiencies that are easily monitored.
  • Workflows can be made to burst in peak demand situations – you’re ready for worst case workload without constant over provisioning. Consumption based pricing protects your bottom line.
  • Best of breed partner integrations that have made Vantage the industry standard are now available in a flexible hybrid cloud offering. Find out more.


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