Telestream Sync Generators provide highly accurate, stable, and reliable signals in both SDI and IP broadcast facilities. The family of SPG and ECO products are the globally trusted sync solution for broadcasting and production environments.

  • Reliable sync & test signal generation for Hybrid SDI and IP Systems
  • Locks to GPS, PTP, NTSC/PAL black
  • Changeover for main and protect configurations
  • GPS Locked ST2059-2 PTP as Grandmaster or Follower

Market Leader for PTP Grandmaster & Follower

The SPG8000A is the proven, reliable, and accurate timing reference in mission critical environments. It is the ‘Gold Standard’ for analog/digital and ST2059 synchronization in video industry interop, early proof of concepts, and full on-air deployments. With the field upgradeable Precision-Time-Protocol (PTP) Grandmaster option, you can both limit your risk and the time required to transition from SDI to ST 2110 or ST 2022-6 IP networks.

  • Provides PTP as the Grandmaster or Follower with profiles for ST2059-2 and AES67
  • Eases migration from traditional SDI infrastructure to an IP based system
  • Pioneering and industry proven combination of PTP and black burst/tri-level master sync system
  • Extensive industry deployment as the system hybrid PTP and reference SPG

Designed for Mission Critical Timing Failover and Recovery

The SPG8000A and ECO8000 are designed with one mission in mind: the provision of a stable, reliable, and accurate timing reference under any conditions. It's the detail that is paramount in mission-critical systems; redundant power supplies, the patented Stay Genlock and Holdover Recovery algorithms, and full PTP BMCA algorithm support, coupled with the electronic switching capability of the ECO8000. This earns the title ‘Best in Class’ as a master reference signal failover system.

  • Stay Genlock™ and Holdover Recovery bridges the loss of GPS or External Reference
  • Full support for the IEEE 1588 BMCA algorithm and GPS lock for high reliability PTP Grandmaster
  • Both SPG and ECO employ unique dual hot swappable power supply design with sophisticated monitoring
  • The SPG complemented by the electronic switching capability of the ECO8000, minimizes shocks to analog reference signals

Flexible Configuration for Wide Range of System Designs

The SPG and ECO product family provide a highly flexible set of video timing solutions for a wide variety of application and system designs; driven to maximize resiliency, minimize cost while being flexible enough to handle future needs. Whether it's a new network design that requires a combination of PTP and traditional analog sync, an extension of an existing system, or a simple SDI system operating under budget constraints, the SPG and ECO family of sync generators and change over products can more than satisfy video network timing requirements.

  • Supports PTP Grandmaster or Follower
  • Ability to lock to GPS, PTP, or analog reference (Black Burst, Tri-Level, or CW)
  • Standard outputs for bi-level, tri-level, and CW 10MHz
  • Wide array of SDI video test patterns for SD, HD, 3G, and analog composite
  • Audio support with DARS, word clock and AES tones, 16 channels of embedded audio with Dolby E, AV Sync, and audio clicks for ID

Unmatched Knowledge Backed with Dedicated Support

Telestream is a leader in the design of TV Broadcast Synchronization and Timing systems and test pattern generators. By providing an unmatched level of support and keeping pace with leading edge development, Telestream exhibits a commitment to service that is the most trusted in the industry.

  • Proven track record in sync and test pattern generator
  • An experienced support team that understands the urgency of broadcast events
  • Committed brand known for its support and longevity coupled with years of experience in the design of cutting edge technologies

Companion Changeover Unit


The ECO8000 electronic changeover unit works with a primary + backup pair of SPG8000A units to serve as a highly-reliable redundant system. It utilizes electronic fast switches for near glitch-less sync source switching, minimizing disruption in operation. Dual hot-swappable power supplies ensure continuous availability of reference signals, and signals are passed even when the unit is powered off.

The ECO8000 provides up to nine user-configurable BNC channels and four LTC channels. Each channel consists of primary and backup inputs, and an output. The base configuration has three 50 MHz electronic fast switch channels with options for six more 50 MHz electronic fast switch channels (opt. REF) or 3 GHz relay switch channels (opt. HREF) in groups of three channels each, plus four optional LTC channels (opt. LTC). The 50 MHz electronic fast switch channels support black burst, HD tri-level sync, AES/DARS, and word clock signals. The 3 GHz relay switch channels support SD/HD/3G-SDI signals as well as most analog reference signals.


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Complete Solution for Grandmaster Sync Generator & Timing Reference Systems

The Telestream family of Sync and Timing Reference, and Electronic Change Over (ECO) systems enables designers to build reliable systems to meet any situation whether for a broadcast studio, mobile production facility, or post production operation.

  • Front panel user interface or Remote Web control for easy setup and integration
  • Functional as a leader or follower in PTP, black burst, tri-level, or CW environments
  • ECO8000 provides up to 9 failsafe signal switches for uninterrupted synchronization
  • Locks to GPS, PTP and PAL/NTSC black

Flexibility to Provide Synchronization in SDI or IP Islands

The ongoing transition to IP based facilities means Broadcasters and Production facilities will be dealing with the complexities of Hybrid SDI and IP environments for many years to come. The need will only increase for broadcast engineering teams to ensure they keep islands of SDI or IP synchronized with the rest of the facility. Telestream offers an SPG that locks to PTP as the source reference, and provides stable black-burst to smaller groups of traditional gear.

  • GPS Lock and Stay Genlock provide stable synchronization in a mixed environment
  • Software PTP upgrades simplify SDI island conversion as networks evolve
  • Using an external PTP reference, the SPG8000A can provide Analog/Digital timing references for SDI islands
  • Connected to an external reference, the SPG8000A provides a synchronized PTP output for IP islands

Support for 4K/HDR in Mobile & Post Production Systems

In the migration path to 4K, the sync & test generator family of products, provide reliable sync and timing reference along with test patterns as a source of known good reference. In addition, the test signals are configurable as an HDR source to facilitate the correct set up procedures for HDR productions.

  • Support for Leader and Follower mode referenced to GPS, Black Reference, or PTP
  • Color bar 4K test signal output including custom BMP files
  • PAL/NTSC, Tri-Level, PTP and Word Clock reference
  • Audio support

Redundancy Support for Analog & IP Signals

Redundancy is a critical element of any synchronization system. The Telestream portfolio of reliable synchronization products provides complete confidence. In SDI systems, there are two SPGs and an ECO - enabling fast switching between primary and backup systems. In IP networks, the BMCA can be instantly designate as a new Grandmaster.

  • Full redundancy in SDI environments are available through the SPG8000A and the ECO8000
  • Redundancy protection in hybrid environments through utilization of the same products for both systems
  • GPS lock on the SPG8000A can be configured as a preferred clock in PTP systems