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All-in-one live video streaming software that enables 2 guests on Rendezvous, unlimited capture, live production, and encoding of HD and SD sources for live streams broadcast to multiple servers and platforms simultaneously.  Streams to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more.  Includes a FREE copy of NewBlueFX Titler Live Express (a $149 value).

*Includes 1st year of Standard Support

Includes all features of Wirecast Studio and adds, up to 7 guests on Rendezvous, 8-track audio output, Replay, support for more capture devices and IP cameras, web stream input, program feed output, live scoreboards, 3D virtual sets, and ISO recording.   Includes a FREE copy of NewBlueFX Titler Live Present (a $449 value).

*Includes 1st year of Standard Support

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NewBlueFX Titler Live for Wirecast (requires purchase of Wirecast)

Create rich, animated 3D titles designs with Titler Live for Wirecast. Drag-n-drop templates allow you to to instantly add value to your live stream. It’s never been easier to get the results you need. Go beyond simple in/out animations and watch your titles, lower thirds and bugs to come life as rich, multi-dimensional animated graphics. Once you’ve found the right design, customize the color, text and more to fit your needs.   Learn more

Titler Live Express
$149 FREE¹
Titler Live Sport
Titler Live Social
Titler Live Present
$449² / FREE³
Titler Live Complete
  • Facebook Live comments
  • 90 Templates
  • 48 Transitions and Titles
  • FREE with purchase of Wirecast Studio
  • Sports Data Integration: Display sports data from scoreboard with SportZcast, Datalink and StatCrew.
  • Scoreboard Controllers: Control the entire scoreboard from the same machine, or another on your network with full-featured HTML web interfaces.
  • Remote Operation: Operate your scoreboard and graphics from anywhere in your network with HTML web controllers.
  • Social Integration: Capture posts and comments from popular social services including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Audience Polling: Show polling results from your audience in real-time with live text and animated bar, pie charts.
  • Social Management: Search, filter and queue your messages to create a playlist for your show.
  • Organize Your Information: Drive your production from single CSV file with automated graphics creation.
  • Over 250 Templates: Get a quick start with high-quality, customizable main title, lower third and bug templates.
  • Web Connected Graphics: Generate graphics from a web connected data sources including text files.
  • Free with purchase of Wirecast Pro.
  • Combine the power of Produce, Sport and Social for a comprehensive toolset.
  • Data Connectivity: Drive graphics from automated input behaviors, including spreadsheets, RSS feeds, social media and more.
  • Unlimited Designs: Choose from a range of pre-built templates or design your own with over 120 effects, transitions and animations.
  • Double the Power: Two layers of live graphics to mix and match sports, social media, CSV driven lower thirds, and more – all in one live production.

¹Requires purchase of Wirecast Studio.
²Requires licensed installation of Wirecast.
³Requires purchase of Wirecast Pro.

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Virtualsetworks for Wirecast Pro – $329.00

screencasting and video editing softwareVirtualsetworks Package One for Wirecast Pro is a collection of six virtual sets specifically designed for use as a Wirecast multilayer virtual set. These sets are configurable through a number of layers that can allow you to change the background, place video into screens, and place the talent behind desks. These sets will give you the ability to present a professional studio to your audience with only a greenscreen background to chroma key off of.   Learn more

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