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The Sherpa Stream platform for high-quality, customizable, and secure live and on-demand video streaming powers webinars, webcasts, virtual event experiences, and more for leading Fortune 500 enterprises. Stream live events online, or communicate with employees internally, using Sherpa Stream’s browser-based, device-agnostic, scalable live-streaming and VOD content management platform.

One Platform for Live, On-Demand, Internal, & External Video

Live, Simulated Live, Rebroadcast
High-Quality Webinars

Easily create and share videos in just three clicks. Produce multi-presenter panels without complicated production software or workflows. Immerse your viewers in your content with unmatched quality, unparalleled reliability, and untouched scale.

Secure & Reliable
Internal Webcasts

Communicate with key stakeholders in your organization using live-streaming and on-demand video. Host live town halls, company all hands, private VC investor meetings, employee onboarding content, and more from an enterprise-grade platform that doesn’t compromise on quality, scalability, or security.

Engaging & Impactful
Live & Hybrid Events

Generate leads, build relationships, and steal the show with powerful hybrid and virtual event engagement tools. Produce and stream shows with multi-presenter, viewing party, and breakout room functionality. Connect with your viewers through bi-directional video and generate long-term revenue for your organization.

Powerful solutions to all of your virtual events and video streaming needs. Here are just some of the reasons Fortune 500 companies trust Sherpa for their high-quality videos, webinars, and virtual events.

Intuitive & Reliable Video Streaming

Our browser-based platform was built so anyone can use it with confidence. No device or operating system limitations will get in your (or your viewers') way.

Complete Creative Control & Customizability

Customize the viewing experience to reflect your brand, on a site-wide or a per-asset level, and embed video everywhere with easy-to-use sliders and wizards.

Bi-Directional Video Engagement

Create a dialog between and with your viewers through live viewing parties, breakout rooms, live chat, and more.

Intelligent & Actionable Video Content

View deep insights into viewer engagement and sentiment with built-in dashboards. Take advantage of modern AI tools to search and sort your content, and easily create compilations.

Produce Engaging Events, Easily

Use built-in multi-presenter and video switching capabilities to host, produce, and stream panel presentations, hybrid events, keynotes, and company meetings with slide and computer screen sharing capabilities.

Sensitive Content, Secured & Protected

Protect internal videos with robust security safeguards, like SAML/SSO, white/blacklisting, custom URL access and expiration settings, and fully-trackable GUID video watermarks.

Sherpa Platform Plans

Pick the plan that fits your needs or get a custom-scoped proposal. Each pre-bundled solution includes platform access, live event allocations, and asset storage.

Viewer Hours = # Events x # Viewers x Event Duration

Example: 1,000 Viewer Hours = 1 Live Event/VOD x 500 Viewers x 2 Hours



On-demand video content management and publishing solution, with out-of-the-box support for SD, HD, and 360-degree video; unlimited microsites, playlists, and video embeds; and intelligent, centralized video content management.

Starting at $499/month



Jumpstart your live and on-demand video streaming with Sherpa's content management and event production solution. Includes one year of platform access, up to 500 GB asset storage, and access to professional services and production support.

16,000 Viewer Hours


Base Camp

A central platform for secure live-streaming and video content management, up to 1 TB asset storage, and discounted professional services (e.g. consultation, post-production editing, support).

48,000 Viewer Hours

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A robust, secure live-streaming and video content management solution, up to 10 TB asset storage, and discounted professional services (e.g. consultation, post-production editing, support).

144,000 Viewer Hours

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A fully custom solution for your virtual event strategy. Pick the best features from our other Treks, and add on advanced security features, enhanced content delivery, and private cloud, on-prem, or hybrid deployment options.

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Not Your Average Video Platform

Sherpa Platform Highlights

  • Host on-demand videos as Simulated Live events
  • Rebroadcast past events for additional time zones with a few clicks
  • Scale to any audience size
  • Host and stream unlimited concurrent events
  • Customize the viewing experience with flexible, intuitive branding controls
  • Easily host your live stream anywhere using in-platform embed code generators
  • Supports 360-degree and VR/AR video experiences
  • Include slide decks and imagery with flexible layout options
  • Host moderated live chat discussions with your audience
  • Run polls to get viewer feedback and unique insights
  • Measure viewer engagement with trackable video Checkpoints
  • Create a back-and-forth dialog with audience Q&A
  • Include resource links and downloads for attendees after your event ends
  • Leverage custom registration forms and fields to collect meaningful audience data
  • Built-in event analytics dashboards track viewership, engagement, and more
  • Produce and host multi-presenter panel discussions easily, from any location
  • Build connections using live, bi-directional video Viewing Parties
  • Facilitate networking in dynamic, scalable Breakout Rooms
  • Automatically create and include Closed Captions using live transcription
  • Easily embed videos, playlists, and microsites anywhere
  • Upload and host videos easily, with secure and centralized content management
  • Update video content without breaking external links or embeds
  • Reliably stream high-quality video across all browsers and devices
  • Supports 360-degree and VR/AR video experiences
  • Use the in-platform video trimmer to edit tips and tails
  • Generate personalized video URLs with link expiration and sharing settings
  • Streamline content organization with dynamic Smart Playlists
  • Protect and manage content with custom metadata tagging
  • Create white-labeled experiences with per-microsite and per-video branding controls
  • Upload and share videos in seconds with industry-leading processing times
  • Track video viewership and engagement with built-in analytics dashboards
  • Syndicate to social channels easily for additional discoverability
  • Include video chapters to segment longer-form content
  • Upload custom SRT files or use live transcription to generate subtitle files quickly
  • Includes built-in event, asset, and microsite viewership analytics dashboards
  • Measure viewership and engagement no matter where the content is being viewed
  • Take action on video consumption trends, including rendition breakdowns and error reporting
  • Extract value from video with custom integrations through flexible platform APIs
  • Aggregate content metrics and integrate data with other systems for deeper insights
  • Build Checkpoint completion reports for progress tracking and certifications
  • Measure participation in bi-directional Breakout Rooms for networking potential
  • Quickly and easily generate subtitles with live speech-to-text transcription and SRT file downloads/uploads
  • Reach global audiences with foreign language transcription and closed captions
  • Intelligently network with audiences through Viewing Parties & Breakout Rooms
  • Prescribe relevant content suggestions using dynamic Smart Playlists on microsites
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming to ensure viewers get the highest-quality video possible
  • Automate content management workflows with custom metadata tagging
  • Protect access to player pages with domain white/blacklisting
  • Streamline content access with Single Sign-On (SSO) through SAML/LDAP/ADFS
  • Protect intellectual property with invisible video watermarks
  • Trackable viewer GUIDs trace leaks to the point of origin
  • Leverage custom video overlays to protect content and promote your brand
  • Lock down sensitive materials from being viewed externally with stream encryption
  • Build registration forms with custom fields, like Employee ID or Passcodes
  • User roles and provisioning to control who manages and shares content
  • Create hierarchical permission sets with domain and tenant-level controls
  • Flexible, custom-scoped deployment options are available upon request
  • Employ an ECDN tie-in for secure, scalable content delivery
  • Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) for an additional layer of security

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