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Telestream's award winning live and
on-demand products allow you to easily create, ingest, transcode, caption and deliver any type of video.

Desktop Applications


Powerful, easy-to-use screen recording and editing software for Mac.
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All-in-one live streaming production software.
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Media playback, inspection and conversion tool for professionals.
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Video encoding for the entire digital post-production workflow.
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Play, import and export Windows Media on your Mac.
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Enterprise Systems

Vantage Cloud

Transcoding and workflow management in the cloud.
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Vantage Transcode

Best-in-Class video transcoding for multi-platform distribution.
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Vantage Workflow

Scalable, intelligent workflow automation for any video environment.
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Ad ingest and media management software for TV stations and cable facilities.
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Post Producer

Content production and assembly workflow automation software.
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Closed Captioning


Award-winning closed captioning software.
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Enterprise Hardware Devices

Lightspeed Server

GPU acceleration for Vantage video processing and H.264 transcoding.
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Network-accessible video capture and playout system.
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News & Press

Upcoming Webinar :
Training your Volunteers to Stream Your Services Live
In this webinar, you will learn the best way to train new volunteers to operate Wirecast® and stream your church services live on the Internet. We'll cover how to give your volunteers an overview of the Wirecast user interface – July 30, 2014

Free Downloads

Advanced HEVC Encoding Considerations 
Modern video consumption presents a continuous drive for ever more efficient file formats that can deliver diverse and high-quality video services. HEVC (or H.265) is the latest advancement in video coding which promises significant quality improvements and bit rate savings.

Advantages of Software Encoding for IPTV and Cable 
Discover the advantages that software-based encoders running on standard IT hardware offer, including: speed, quality, scalability, and flexibility, plus reduced costs and greater operational efficiency.

HEVC: The New Standard  
High Efficiency Video Coding is the newest standard in video delivery, offering better bandwidth efficiency and picture quality than H.264.