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Target uses Caption authoring Caption authoring, QC, asset management, TV broadcast exports Automation & high volume caption asset management
Target customers Corporate, independent, academic, government, houses of worship Caption service providers, TV networks, post facilities Major networks, content providers, asset management & distribution services
Caption Authoring, Timing and Formatting
Auto Time Stamp (sync text and audio)
Export SCC (CEA-608) & MCC (CEA-708) files
Streaming/Mobile Video (Timed text [TTML and DFXP], Vimeo, Safari, Android, WebVTT, SRT, iOS, iTunes iTT, YouTube, WMV, SAMI, etc.)
Burn-in Subtitles and Basic DVD Subtitles
Subtitle overlay (movie w/alpha channel, Advanced DVD/Blu-ray subtitles)  
TV broadcast and VOD media
(ProRes*, MPEG-2, H.264, MXF, Avid AAF, tape, etc.)
OP-47 Teletext for MXF Workflows  
Export caption interchange files (CAP, TDS, ULT, EBU-STL, etc.)  
V-chip/XDS/AFD Encoding  
Live captioning (via hardware encoder or web stream e.g. YouTube)  
Caption Asset Management (Imports/Conversions)
Import plain text, SCC & MCC, web formats
Import interchange files (Cheetah CAP, TDS, ULT, PAC, EBU-STL, etc.)  
Extract CC from video files (MOV, MXF, MPEG-2, etc.)  
Reformat Pop-on <-> Roll-up  
Import Nexidia QC .XML Report  
Assemble Captions*
(conform to EDL)
Batch processing (GUI)    
Scripting & External Control (CLI)    
Time Tailor (Non-linear Retiming)    
Premium Support – 1st Year Included
Priority response, telephone support,
free software upgrades, Remote Access services

   1st year Premium Support required and included in the purchase of MacCaption / CaptionMaker
  * MacCaption only feature
   CaptionMaker only feature

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