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Mile High Video 2020

December 2, 2020 / Wednesday, 10:30am MT
Session #4: Ads and Measurements
Telestream will be presenting Ad-Insert and End-to-End QOE monitoring for video streaming, including live demonstrations.

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On-Demand Live Shows & Webinars

Automate your on prem & public cloud media eco-system: December 3 Webinar

Telestream and Skyline Communications will share how they can enable you to automate your entire media eco-system—including end-to-end service quality management, using best-in-class monitoring probes in the cloud.

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Post in the Year 2020

Remote Workflows in the Age of COVID, UHD Compliance, the New Deliverables, and More...

Get the panel on-demand to hear a discussion on the issues challenging post production artists, execs, and technologists in the year 2020 and a look ahead to what comes next.

Recorded on October 27

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Telestream 2020 Showcase

Move YOUR Business Forward

Insights and Information

Meet with Experts. Watch On-demand Webinars and Demo Videos. Access Resources and More.

20-Minute On-demand Webinars:

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PTP Webinar Series

The three on-demand webinars are a partnership of Telestream, Arista, and Imagine Communications experts who explain PTP design, best practices, and troubleshooting in ST 2110 media networks.

  • Introduction: Keeping Time with PTP
  • Architectures & Best Practices
  • Commissioning and Troubleshooting

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"On Social" live interactive show

The "On Social" live interactive show is dedicated to helping customers and fans have the best and most professional live video shows out there! Don't just blend, stand out!!

Hosted by:

Discussion topics include:

  • Professional, high-end video production on social media platforms
  • Tips and tricks to help you be successful in your live streams
  • Looking at your studio setup that you send in to help improve your production
  • Q&As

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ScreenFlow Basics in a Quarantined World

Video content has been incredibly important for over a decade now, and with the recent worldwide quarantines, it has become a requirement for many. ScreenFlow is the ultimate tool for recording, editing, and sharing VOD (video On-demand) content. Join us for a webinar focused on how to get started with ScreenFlow, and start making the best videos you can!

What we'll cover:

  • How to Record, Edit, and Share content with ScreenFlow
  • Tips and tricks for setting up successful recordings
  • How to get the most out of ScreenFlow
  • As many of your questions as we can answer!

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The Show Must Go On—Part 1
Reaching your audience through webinars and live shows

As reaching your audience remotely becomes more necessary, staying connected through live video is imperative. Join us as we explore the best ways to transition to remote classrooms, town halls, all-hands meetings, lunch-and-learns, virtual events, worship services, and much more with webinars and live shows.

We will be covering the technical and tactical decisions that can make reaching your audience as easy as possible while learning how to stay relevant with the best possible content for your audiences.

What we'll cover:

  • Technical: camera, mics, streaming platforms
  • Tactics: live, pre-recorded
  • Content: presenters, topic, format

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The Show Must Go On—Part 2
Reaching your audience through webinars and live shows

In the past few months, live video has EXPLODED. It has reached every facet of our daily lives: Hosting meetings, educating, working from home or, just hanging out with friends during a video chat cocktail hour! No matter the circumstances, creating the best possible live video is imperative. Join us for part two of the "The Show Must Go On" webinar series.

If you joined us for part one, we will be diving deeper into the more technical aspects of how to leverage other software and technologies, together with Wirecast, to create the best streaming experience for you and your audience.

What we'll cover:

  • How to use pre-recorded content and Wirecast together
  • How to use Wirecast with 3rd party meeting apps like Zoom
  • How to bring in guests using Rendezvous
  • As many of your questions as we can answer!

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Disrupter Series #1

Ensure a great OTT Advertising experience for your viewers

Use automated synthetic clients to gain visibility of customer ad experience.

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Disrupter Series #2

Demystifying HDR in Post Production

Ready to move to HDR / WCG in Post-Production? Let us help simplify the challenges you may face.

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Disrupter Series #3

Keys to successful production, processing and delivery of HDR content

Learn the challenges encountered during the production, processing, and delivery of HDR content, what they mean, and how to resolve or work around them.

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Disrupter Series #4

Key aspects of media processing workflows for remote working & disaster recovery

Walk through some best practices and steps to consider as you plan to maintain business continuity.

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OTT Monitoring – Maximize return on your streaming investments

Webinar agenda topics include:

  • State of OTT monitoring: requirements for success and the research process
  • Frost & Sullivan OTT Monitoring & Compliance Market Leader Award
  • Broadcasting in a multi-platform world—ensuring visibility in all the right places
  • Advanced analytics for deep-dive troubleshooting
  • Challenges & opportunities—confidence in moving to cloud-based and low-latency deployment models
  • Q&As

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