Telestream Literature

Telestream Literature

Media Processing and Workflow Automation


An intelligent and scalable software-enabled media processing platform that manages all media services from the camera to the point of distribution. Vantage allows content owners, producers, and distributors to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively ingest, edit, transcode, QC, package, monetize, and distribute their media.

Vantage Brochure
Vantage Cloud Port
Vantage Cloud Port Pricing
Vantage Transcode
Vantage Transcode Pro
Vantage Transcode Multiscreen
Vantage Transcode IPTV VOD
Vantage Virtual Deployment
Vantage Transcode Product Comparison
Lightspeed Server G10
Lightspeed Server G8
Lightspeed Server G7
Decode Format Support
Encode Format Support
Vantage Analysis
Vantage Array Pro
Vantage Array
Vantage Workflow Portal
Vantage Advanced Task Scheduling
Vantage Camera Ingest
Vantage Open Workflows
Integrating Vantage into your environment


ContentAgent is a software-based media processing application which can automate common tasks such as camera card ingest into editorial and creating deliverables such as broadcast, international masters and viewing copies.

ContentAgent Product Brochure
ContentAgent Server Product Sheet


Content storage management.

DIVA Content Server
Your Leading-Edge Management System for Media Is Getting Even Better
Your Strategic Partner for Content Storage Management


Video storage management for content creators.

Kumulate Content Server
Kumulate Brochure
Building the Right Storage Ecosystem for Your Businenss
Building Intelligence and Agility Into Video Storage Management
Storage Migrations

Lightspeed Live

Enterprise-level streaming and realtime capture & encoding.

Lightspeed Live Stream
Lightspeed Live Capture C2
Lightspeed Live Capture C4
Live Edit
Live Schedule
Live Play

VOD Producer/DAI

Automates creation & assembly of cable VOD & DAI-ready content.

VOD Producer
VOD Producer DAI


Play mezzanine and professional grade media files in a web browser.

GLIM Appliance


Media playback, inspection and conversion tool for professionals.



Invisibly adjust the running time of any program segment.



Ad ingest and media management software for TV stations and cable facilities.


Post Producer

Content production and assembly workflow automation software.

Post Producer


Automated quality control and correction of file-based media



Fully featured, file-based QC.

Aurora Automated File-based Quality Control System

Stanza | MacCaption | CaptionMaker | Vantage Timed Text Flip

Award-winning closed captioning software for desktop and enterprise.

Stanza product sheet
MacCaption and CaptionMaker Brochure
Vantage Timed Text Flip Brochure

Video Quality Assurance

Telestream iQ Solutions

Video Quality Assurance Solutions for OTT, Multiscreen & Traditional Linear TV.

Inspect 2110
Inspector® LIVE
Surveyor ABR Active
Surveyor ABR Passive
Surveyor TS
Sentry ABR
Medius Application Manager
Consul System Monitor
Sentry Verify Premium
Sentry Verify Standard

Video Test & Synchronization

Video Test Solutions

Monitoring & measurement for broadcast applications.


Hybrid SDI & IP monitoring for live, post-production, QC.

PRISM Media Analysis Solution

Waveform Monitors

SDI only monitoring for live, post, QC and engineering.

WFM2200A Multiformat Multistandard Portable Waveform Monitor
WFM2300 Multiformat Multistandard Portable Waveform Monitor
WFM5200 Multiformat Multistandard Compact Waveform Monitor
WVR5200 Multiformat Multistandard Compact Rasterizer
WFM5250 SDI HDMI Multiformat Compact Waveform Monitor
WVR5250 SDI HDMI Multiformat Waveform Rasterizer
WFM7200 Multiformat, Multistandard Waveform Monitor
WVR7200 Multiformat, Multistandard Waveform Rasterizer
WFM8300/WFM8200 Advanced 3G/HD/SD-SDI Monitoring with 4K Support
WVR8300/WVR8200 Advanced 3G/HD/SD-SDI Monitoring with 4K Support

Signal Generators

SPG, TG, ECO products for SDI and IP timing.

TG8000 Multiformat Video Test Signal Generator
SPG700 Multiformat Reference Sync Generator
SPG8000A Master Sync Master Clock Reference Generator
ECO8020 Automatic Changeover Unit
ECO8000 Automatic Changeover Unit

MPEG Analyzers

MTSA MPEG analyzer & PQA picture quality.

MTSA MPEG Test Systems Family of Products
MTS4000 MPEG Test System
IPM400A IP Video Monitor
MTS430 MPEG Test System
MTS400P Portable MPEG Test System
MTS415 MPEG Test System
MTS400 MPEG Test System

Telestream Cloud

Cloud Services

High quality video services in the cloud (SaaS).

Telestream Cloud Developer Hub: your stop for all topics related to getting started, integrating with and using Telestream Cloud.

Production and Streaming


All-in-one live streaming production software.

Wirecast Workflows
Wirecast Example Setups
Matrox Partner Solution
LiveU Partner Solution

Wirecast Gear

Live streaming production hardware

Wirecast Gear


Powerful, easy-to-use screen recording and editing software for Mac.

What's New in ScreenFlow

Client Services

Enterprise Maintenance & Support Guide
Telestream Professional Services