FlipFactory ProSD & ProHD

FlipFactory Pro SD and Pro HD build on FlipFactory New Media models to include all the same transcoding features and formats plus the ability to automatically transfer media and metadata files between professional video systems.

FlipFactory ProSD is the proven universal transcoder that provides comprehensive exchange between all the major professional video and audio systems, formats and wrapper variants. It also allows you to generate low-res proxies for desktop review, web or mobile formats, and high-res archive formats.

FlipFactory ProHDFlipFactory ProHD adds transcoding support for HD and MXF, including leading HD media servers, HD edit systems.  ProHD automatically monitors systems folders, accepts 1080i, 1080p or 720p HD files and delivers them to destination systems. Exclusive MotionResolve technology up converts compressed SD interlaced content to superior quality 1080i and 720p HD output.

FlipFactory ProSD | ProHD: Transform, Watch, Deliever, Notify

Universal File Transfer

Extensive Transcoding Format Support

Best-in-Class Factory Automation

Repurpose Content for New Revenues

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