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Automate Your Video Transcoding Workflow

For over a decade Telestream FlipFactory has been the standard by which all other video transcoders have been measured, providing broad format support and deep system integration. Telestream’s next-generation transcoding solution, Vantage, picks up where FlipFactory left off, providing more format support, new levels of speed and quality, plus extensive workflow design, automation and system management capabilities. If you are new to FlipFactory, we suggest you learn more about Vantage.

  • Transcodes between more than 120 formats & wrappers
  • Directly integrates with all major systems
  • Set up factories once for hands-free processing
  • Used in thousands of business critical applications
  • Video transcoding and workflow operation
  • Responsive worldwide team of technical experts
  • Prices starting at $5,495

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Automates high-volume video transcoding for distribution to new media platforms: web, mobile, IPTV, iTunes, YouTube and more.

  • Automate Content Repurposing
  • Extensive Transcoding Support
  • Output Popular Mobile and Web Formats
  • Transform Metadata with MetaFlip®

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Includes all the formats and features of FlipFactory New Media models plus adds the ability to flip and transcode SD & HD media and metadata files between all major professional video systems.

  • Universal File Transfer
  • Extensive Transcoding Format Support
  • Best-in-Class Factory Automation
  • Repurpose Content for New Revenues