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Trust Switch for frame-accurate, smooth playback of all your media files, including captions and subtitles.
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Check it

Inspect video properties, audio properties, captions, subtitles, plus SDI out for external preview and loudness monitoring.
Check it with Switch media inspection tool

Fix it

Make changes: trim, scale or crop your media; rearrange audio tracks; change speaker assignments and rewrap or encode your media.
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Use the iTunes export preset to easily create an asset-only iTunes store package, complete with content and XML file.
Create an asset-only iTunes store package with Switch media playback, inspection and conversion tool

Switch Player


  • Play and inspect

  • Multiformat media player with deep inspection capabilities.

Switch Plus


  • Play, inspect and fix

  • Perfect for video editors and post-
    production professionals. Adds more playback support, embedded caption playback, audio meters and single file transcoding.
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Switch Pro


  • Play, QC, fix and deliver

  • Designed for broadcast & media QC professionals. Adds more playback support, loudness monitoring, advanced metadata display, external preview to AJA devices & iTunes package export.
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Affordable high-quality QC

With features such as professional audio meters with loudness monitoring, external preview out to AJA devices, and support for playback of captions, Switch Pro provides an affordable software solution for professional media Quality Control.
Broadcast & Cable

Caption playback and verification

Play CEA-608 & CEA-708 captions, as well as SCC, DVB, TTML (iTT and SMPTE-TT) and WebVTT, SRT and STL subtitle files to verify timing and accuracy. Switch is the only software player with full support for CEA-708 caption decoding, including advanced 708-only features like Unicode character support. See MacCaption/CaptionMaker for caption creation.
Delivery Networks

Deep file inspection

Switch gives you frame-accurate playback of all your media and lets you see detailed information about it in an intuitive, well-organized interface. See metadata (including DPP), bitrate, video essence and codec, audio channels, speaker assignments, loudness levels and much more.

Post Production

The only player you’ll ever need

Switch began as an idea from our own developers and employees. We wanted a player that could open and play any file. We wanted to be able to inspect that file. And we wanted to be able to make changes to that file – all in one easy-to-use tool.
Listen to Shawn Carnahan, CTO of Telestream, talk about Switch and why Telestream is uniquely positioned to develop such a tool.


IABM Design & Innovation Award Nominee Multichannel News Innovator Award Broadcast Beat Product of the Year Award


Play it.  Check it.  Fix it.  Love it!

Professional media player, inspector and correction tool for Mac and Windows.