Telestream frequently updates its software with refinements, improvements and bug fixes. As long as you have a current software support and updates contract, feel free to check out the latest version of your software.

  • If you purchased software from Telestream and have a serial number, please visit this link to download software updates: 
    Download Software Updates
  • If you are interested in downloading a free trial of Telestream's closed captioning software, please visit this link: 
    Download Free Trial


Does your version of captioning software lack features required for all of your workflows? Do you suddenly need to deliver in HD or a tapeless format but find that your version of captioning software doesn't do it? If so, you need an upgrade.

To upgrade to a different level of software (in most cases) you can just pay the difference between the price of the new software and what you paid for the old software.

Contact us and, in most cases, we will upgrade your key via email allowing a seamless transition with no production downtime.