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Tutorial: Producing H.264 files for Flash distribution with Telestream Episode Encoder Pro - by Jan Ozer
This video tutorial details how to use Telestream Episode Encoder Pro to produce H.264 video files for Flash distribution.

Encoding Best Practices and Strategies - Archived Web Event
Telestream is pleased to have been a part of Streaming Media’s recent Encoding Best Practices and Strategies Round Table web event. The presentation generated many great questions from audience members. We’ve compiled and answered many of those questions. The result is this Question and Answer PDF document, which is a wealth of information for anyone interested in video encoding and video compression.

View the archived Web Event  |  Read the Q&A document

Simple Encoding Recipes for the Web 2009
A 42-page printable document designed to provide simple, easily-repeatable settings in recipe form. They will get you great results with minimal effort using Telestream Episode Pro.

Freeman Compression Inc.
Derrick Freeman 
Instructor, Video Streaming and Compression Consultant  
Phone: 407.477.5837 

Planet Digital, Inc.
David J. Beatriz, President
Offers a unique mix of training and production to make your
media projects more effective.
For more information:
Phone: 407.896.7326