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Editing ScreenCasts : Using the Timeline Panel : Transitions

Transitions are applied to a clip to create a smooth progression into, out of, and between clips. Transitions can only be added to clips in the same track.
The default duration of a transition is one second. You can expand or contract the duration by moving the thin line on the inside portion of the transition.
Adding Transitions
Select a clip and select Edit > Add Starting Transition to add a transition to the front of the clip or Edit > Add Ending Transition to add a transition to the end of the clip.
Create transitions between two clips by dragging one clip over an adjacent clip. The section where the two clips overlap is the transition.
Transitions Inspector
Double-click the Transition Icon to Display the Transitions Inspector:
Choose from sixteen different transition types and set the transition duration value in seconds.
Figure 26. Transitions Inspector Window
You can also select a transition effect and click the Properties button to alter properties (width, height, color, angle, opacity, etc.) specific to the selected transition effect, as appropriate.
Audio Transitions
Transitions are applied to audio clips in the same manner as images. However, since there is no visual content in an audio clip, the transition is a volume transition. Starting and ending audio transitions fade in/fade out; overlapping transitions fade from one clip to the other simultaneously.

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