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Table of Contents

ScreenFlow Version 3.0 User’s Guide
Obtaining Support | Information | Assistance
ScreenFlow FAQs, Forums & Upgrades
Company and Product Information
International Telestream Distributors
We'd Like to Hear From You!
About ScreenFlow
Record. Edit. Share.
Using ScreenFlow in Trial Mode
What’s New in ScreenFlow
Unlocking ScreenFlow (Telestream Web Store Only)
Purchasing ScreenFlow Directly in the Application
Activating Your License
Getting Started
Tour 1 – Recording With ScreenFlow
Configuring Your Recording
Beginning Your Recording
Tour 2– Editing Your Screencast
The Editing Window
Canvas Cropping
Image Cropping
Video Properties
Screen Recording Properties
Callout Properties
Media Library
Tour 3– Exporting Your Screencast
Publish to YouTube/Vimeo/Flash
Recording Presentations
Configuring ScreenFlow Helper Recording Options
Using the Configure Recording Window
Using the Countdown Window
Using ScreenFlow Helper
ScreenFlow Helper Menu
Adding A Recording
Add Additional Recording (Shift-Command-R)
Preference Options for Recording
Recording Tips
Set Your Display Resolution
Using Text
Considerations for Narrative Demonstrations
Record Everything at Once
First Record Your Monitor, Then Add Narration
Editing ScreenCasts
Editing Window Overview
Canvas Panel
Timeline Panel
Properties Panel
Using the Canvas Panel
Configuring the Canvas
Configuring Clips in your Screencast
Scaling a Clip
Cropping a Clip
Rotating a Clip
Using the Timeline Panel
Using Track Controls
Trimming Clips
Splitting a Clip
Trimming a Clip
Creating and Closing Gaps in a Track
Creating and Closing Gaps in the Timeline
Creating and Using In and Out Points
Changing a Clip’s Play Speed
Grouping a Set of Clips
Locking a Clip
Creating a Freeze Frame
Adding Markers
Adding Transitions
Transitions Inspector
Audio Transitions
Adding an Action
Video Properties
Audio Properties
Screen Recording Properties
Callout Properties
Annotations Properties
Text Properties
Media Library
Publishing Your Screencast
Exporting Your Video
Exported Video File Size Considerations.
Reducing your Video File Size
Reducing the Frame Rate
Customizing Codec Settings
QuickTime Customization
Flip4Mac Customization
Publishing to YouTube
Logging In
Publishing to Vimeo
Setting up your account
Verify account
Vimeo Settings
Publishing to Flash
How to Publish Your video to a Local Web Server
General Pane
Timeline Pane
Advanced Pane
Licenses (Telestream Web Store Only)
Licensing ScreenFlow
Changing and Deactivating a Serial Number
Using ScreenFlow Menus
ScreenFlow Menu
About ScreenFlow
Check For Updates
Preferences (Command-,)
Hide ScreenFlow (Command-H)
Hide others (Alt-Command-H)
Show All
Quit ScreenFlow (Command-Q)
File Menu
New Recording (Command-N)
New Recording (Command-N)
New Empty Document (Shift-Command-N)
Open (Command-O)
Open Recent
Add Additional Recording (Shift-Command-R)
Close (Command-W)
OS X Lion Save Commands
Save a Version (Command-S)
Revert to Saved
OS X Snow Leopard Save Commands
Save (Command-S)
Save As (Shift-Command-S)
Publish to YouTube
Publish to Vimeo
Publish to Flash
Export (Command-E)
Edit Menu
Undo (Command-Z)
Redo (Shift-Command-Z)
Cut (Command-X)
Copy (Command-C)
Paste (Command-V)
Paste Properties
Paste and Match Style (Alt-Shift-Command-V)
Select All (Command-A)
Deselect All (Shift-Command-A)
Split Clip (T)
Detach Audio
Add Freeze Frame (Shift-Command-F)
Trim Front to Scrubber (W)
Trim End to Scrubber (E)
Lock Clip/Unlock Clip (Alt-Command-L)
Add Starting Transition/Remove Starting Transition
Add Ending Transition/Remove Ending Transition
Ripple Delete (Command-Backspace)
Mark In Point (I)
Mark Out Point (O)
Clear In & Out Points
Special Characters (Alt-Command-T)
Insert Menu
Text Box
Speech Clip
Choose (Shift-Command-V)
Font Menu
Show Fonts (Command-T)
Bold (Command-B)
Italic (Command-I)
Underline (Command-U)
Copy Style
Paste Style (Alt-Command-V)
Make Text Properties Default
Actions Menu
Add Video Action (Command-K)
Add Audio Action (Alt-Command-U)
Add Screen Recording Action (Command-R)
Add Callout (Command-L)
Add Annotations (Alt-Command-T)
Goto Next Action
Goto Previous Action
Curve Type
View Menu
Enter Full Screen (Command-F)
Enter Preview (Alt-Command-F)
Zoom In (Command-=)
Zoom Out (Command--)
Zoom to 100% (Alt-Command-0)
Zoom to Fit
Zoom Timeline to Fit (Control-T)
Zoom Timeline In (=)
Zoom Timeline Out (-)
Snapping (Control-N)
Scrub Live Audio (Shift-S)
Show Audio Waveform
Show Thumbnail Icons
Window Menu
Minimize (Command-M)
Bring All to Front
Purchase Menu (Telestream Web Store Only)
Purchase ScreenFlow Online
Unlock ScreenFlow
Help Menu
ScreenFlow Help (Command-?)
Visit ScreenFlow Web site
Visit Support Page
Provide ScreenFlow Feedback
Clip Contact Menu
Installing ScreenFlow
System Requirements
Installing ScreenFlow
Upgrading ScreenFlow
Installing Telestream Audio
Uninstalling Telestream Audio
Removing ScreenFlow from Your Computer

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