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Getting Started : Tour 2– Editing Your Screencast : Cropping

ScreenFlow provides two different types of cropping.
Figure 5. Canvas Controls
Canvas Cropping
Canvas cropping is used to change the resolution or aspect ratio of the workspace you have to edit in. This can be useful if you want to constrain your screencast to only a portion of the total recording (i.e. a foreground window).
Canvas cropping is accessible through the canvas control button. This is set by numerically entering the width and height values or dragging the edge of the canvas with your mouse cursor.
The canvas cannot be set to a value larger than the original recording. Remember, the canvas size represents your total usable display space, which converts to the frame size of your video when you export or publish it.
Image Cropping
Image cropping is useful for removing content from the edge of a visual clip. Unlike canvas cropping, image cropping does not limit your workspace but simply alters the content of video or image material.
To crop an image, select the video or still image presented on your canvas. This highlights the image and place handles on the sides. Hold the Control key and drag the edge of the image to crop it.

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