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Installing ScreenFlow : Installing ScreenFlow

Installing ScreenFlow
Note: This installation process does not apply to users who purchased from the Mac App Store. The App Store has its own installation and licensing procedure.
ScreenFlow is available from as a disk image file (dmg).
When you download or open the dmg file in Safari, Mac OS X automatically mounts the disk image and runs the installer. When you download a dmg file using another Web browser, you should mount the file yourself. Then, double-click it to run the installer.
Note: You are prompted for an administrator name and password during installation. If you don’t have an administrative account, you need to obtain one to continue.
The installer attempts to close QuickTIme, Final Cut Pro, Episode Desktop, and Pipeline Control before installation. If any of these applications can’t be closed (for example, because they have an open document that hasn't been saved) installation will fail after about a minute (unless you click Save or Discard during this time to close the application).
When the installer runs, it displays the following window:
Figure 70. Installing ScreenFlow
Drag the ScreenFlow icon onto your Applications folder to install ScreenFlow.
If a previous version is in the Applications folder, the Finder displays a Copy dialog, asking you to confirm that you want to replace the ScreenFlow file. Click Replace to complete installation.
Close the installer – ScreenFlow is installed and ready for you to use.

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