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Using ScreenFlow Menus : ScreenFlow Menu

ScreenFlow Menu
This topic describes each item in the ScreenFlow menu.
About ScreenFlow
Displays a dialog indicating the version of ScreenFlow you are running.
Check For Updates
Note: This option is not available to users who purchased from the Mac App Store. The App Store has its own update procedure.
Checks Telestream’s Online Store to determine if there is a more recent version of ScreenFlow available. If so, you can download it.
To check for ScreenFlow updates automatically, check the Check for Updates option in the General Pane.
Preferences (Command-,)
Displays the Preferences window so that you can view and change ScreenFlow preferences. If the Preferences window is already open, it is brought to the front.
Displays Macintosh Services – none are implemented in ScreenFlow.
Hide ScreenFlow (Command-H)
Hides all ScreenFlow windows.
Hide others (Alt-Command-H)
Hides all other application windows (every window which is not a ScreenFlow window).
Show All
Shows all previously hidden windows.
Quit ScreenFlow (Command-Q)
ScreenFlow closes all open documents and then quits. If a document has not been saved, ScreenFlow displays a Save dialog, so you can save the document before quitting.
If Launch ScreenFlow Helper at user login in is checked in the Preferences General Pane, ScreenFlow Helper stays running when you quit ScreenFlow.

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