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Using ScreenFlow Menus : Insert Menu

Insert Menu
This topic describes each item in the Insert menu.
Text Box
Select Text Box to insert a text clip into the project at the current scrubber position. Text box duration is five second, but can be adjusted by dragging the edge of the clip in the timeline.
Speech Clip
Select Speech Clip to display s sheet where you enter text, select a voice, then click Insert to create an audio clip in your project by converting text to speech using one of six automated voice programs. Text can be typed directly into the field or pasted from another document.
Choose (Shift-Command-V)
Select Choose to import media files into your screencast at the current scrubber position. ScreenFlow displays the Open dialog, so that you can browse your file system or network server and select the media file to add.
The selected media file is added to the Media Library as well as the project.

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