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Using ScreenFlow Menus : Actions Menu

Actions Menu
This topic describes each item in the Actions menu. Actions are time-based changes to clip clips used to create gradual or temporary effects. A clip must be selected for the items in this menu to be active. Actions are often applied to a clip in pairs: one at the beginning, and the other at the end.
Add Video Action (Command-K)
Adds a Video Action to the selected clip at the location of the scrubber. A Video Action allows you to apply effects like Zoom, Pan, and Rotate to your video clip.
Add Audio Action (Alt-Command-U)
Adds an Audio Action to the selected clip. An Audio Action allows you to apply various effects on the audio of the selected clip, such as muting, ducking, or adjusting the volume.
Add Screen Recording Action (Command-R)
Adds a Screen Recording Action to the selected screen recording clip. Screen Recording actions enable you to modify the size of the Mouse Pointer, add click effects, or show keys pressed, for example.
Add Callout (Command-L)
Adds a Callout to the selected screen recording clip. A callout lets you focus attention on a section of your screencast. For example, you can highlight the Mouse Pointer by dimming everything but the area just around the Mouse Pointer or highlight and magnify the foreground window.
Add Annotations (Alt-Command-T)
Adds simple graphic effects to visual clips including recordings, videos, and image files. Annotation shapes include circle, square, line, and arrow.
Goto Next Action
Within a clip, selects the next action.
Goto Previous Action
Within a clip, selects the previous action.
Curve Type
By default, actions are applied to the clip in a linear manner. For example, when applying a scaling action, the image size changes by equal amounts from start to finish. This may be perceived as too abrupt, so you can modify the rate with which an action is applied.
The Curve Type menu item has the following submenu options:
Linear transition.
Starting slow, speeding up towards the end.
Starting fast, slowing down towards the end.
Ease-In & Out
Starting and ending slowly, faster in the middle.
Apply action immediately. The duration of the action is ignored if this option is applied.

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